Why You should think About Your Tattoo

Why You should think About Your Tattoo

Whether it’s your first or your sixth tattoo, you need to think about why you’re getting a tattoo. Yes, it’s completely possible to run into the shop and pick out the nearest flash art from off of the wall, but what’s the fun in that?

Tattoo artists should not work tirelessly copying the art from off the wall; they’re creative people who can create the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring art around with a little less restriction. For the same reason that an artist prefers to draw up one-of-a-kind designs, you should really stop to think about what you’d like to get tattooed.

The more time you spend thinking about the overall design and what you want it to mean, the more likely you are to love the tattoo for the entirety of your life. Remember, while diamonds may last forever, tattoos will mark your body for as long as you exist. Some questions you should consider before getting your new tattoo are: Why am I getting this tattoo?

While getting a tattoo in itself is reason enough to get ink done (especially for ink addicts like me), understanding why you’re getting a tattoo is always a good place to start in the tattoo process.

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Will it hold the same meaning a year from now? If you have some deep-seated meaning behind your tattoo, it’s important to think about whether or not it’ll be important to you a year from the date you get your tattoo. A good example is a lover’s name. While we never go into a relationship expecting to break up, there is a reason tattoo artists will sometimes talk you out of getting their name scrawled on your arm. (Children’s names are, of course, much different)

How about two years from now? If you’re getting a memorial tattoo for a friend or family member, did they hold a place in your heart to ensure that you will cherish their memory forever? Will it still hold that same meaning when I’m 50? When you’re 50, 60, 70, or 80, you may not be thinking about your tattoos much, to be quite honest, but if you think you may regret it when you’re older?

Fine-tune the design a little bit more until you know for certain that there is nothing you’d regret about it. Do your research on popular tattoo styles and ones that pique your interest before deciding what to get.

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Is there anything in this tattoo that I may get sick of? If you got a band’s logo tattooed on you, lyrics, a funny-looking shark eating a seal, you may find yourself sick and tired of looking at the same tattoo a few years down the line. Too many people go into a tattoo session thinking that they can get it covered up if they don’t like it two years down the line.

While that may be true for some tattoos, the truth about cover-ups is that not all will work the way you may want them to, and the larger the tattoo is, the bigger the cover-up will have to be. The same goes for removal, which is far more painful than the original process and much more expensive.

What is the meaning behind the tattoo? Think about the reasons why you’re getting the tattoo. This point cannot be stressed enough. If it’s a memorial tattoo, a commemoration of your life, or a milestone in your life, these are things you’re going to appreciate for more than a year or two. That isn’t to say all tattoos have to have some deep meaning, but ensure that the design is aesthetically pleasing to you.  You can rock your tattoos with alternative women’s clothing or men’s clothing and still serve killer looks.

 Artist: Berat Bumin[/caption]

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