Written In the Stars : Top 3 Starry Fashion Looks

Written In the Stars : Top 3 Starry Fashion Looks

Do you have stars in your eyes?? Stars and planetary bodies have been a part of fashion since humans first started exploring the universe. From celestial paterns to starry skies, stars are beautiful patterns to add to your fashion collection. Check out the must have starry items from Rebels Market in this article. 

1. Universe Themed Fashion

The Universe is all of spacetime and everything that exists therein, including all planetsstarsgalaxies, the contents of intergalactic space, the smallest subatomic particles, and all matter and energy.Similar terms include the cosmos, the worldreality, and nature. When you think of the universe, you think of unimaginable possibilities.When you rock an amazing universe dress and accessorize with the correct edgy jewelry, your day/night will bring unknowing possibilites!! 

Sci-fi fashion

2. Star Themed Fashion

star is a massive, luminous sphere of plasma held together by its own gravity. The nearest star to earth is the sun, which is the source of most of the planet's energy. Currently, stars are appearing in fashion as bold prints, and this season, prints are in! Create a celestial look with stars/planet patterns and textures. If you're not quite ready for a bold cosmic fashion statement, you can find starry designs on some amazing alternative accessories like scarves, hats and jewelry – the perfect accessories for any outfit.  Pair up stars with other night sky objects: planets, spaceships and telescopes to create a cosmic look.

Try pairing crescent earrings with a starry scarf or leggings, watch, wristband or pieces of cool jewelry. Even star filled dresses are great to accessories with midnight blue accessories.

Sci-fi fashion

3. Astronomy Themed Fashion

Astronomers tell us that there are billions and billions of stars, too many to count in our own universe and beyond. Even still, we keep our eyes focused on a few close to us. Most obviously, the dominant star in our solar system, the sun, and the closest to earth is Alpha Centauri - 4.37 light years from the sun and the third brightest in our night sky. 

In fashion, astronomy has long been a source of fascination: from celestial drawings and cosmic objects as part of mythological interpretation in ancient fashion, to celestial themed tattoos in punk culture. The symbolism of light, alternative dimensions and discovery in science fiction has greatly inspired fashion. This has led to the craze of Sci-fi fashion for men and women worldwide

Sci-fi fashion

If you are constantly amazed by our amazing planet and universe, this fashion is perfect for letting your mind explore. Wear these Sci-fi fashion for men and women with confidence and style all day every day. 

Set your universe on fire with beautiful sci-fi clothing from Rebelsmarket.

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