Zodiac Style Guides: Libra

Zodiac Style Guides: Libra

Libra is an air sign that loves balance and harmony. People born under this sign are known for their diplomatic and peaceful nature, as well as their appreciation for beauty and aesthetics. As such, their style is often feminine, romantic, and refined. Read on to learn more about how to put together a look that reflects the Libra spirit.

Libra: September 23rd- October 22nd, no matter what the "new zodiac" rules are. I mean seriously, who decided to change it this late in the game?

If your zodiac sign is Libra, see how many of these statements you can relate to! Libra is an air sign, which actually is believed to have an effect on not only your outlooks on life, but in your sense of style. Since the ruling planet of this sign is Venus, Libras are focused on beautiful, elegant, and high- quality clothing and accessories. Check out our recommendations for colors, patterns, and everything else clothing related that you should wear to fit your zodiac sign.


1. You're an Indecisive Shopper.

Libra - Zodiac Style Guide

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Libras are known to be the best window shoppers out there, usually because they can't make up their minds whether buying something is worth the money. First off, kudos for having the strength to think purchases over instead of impulse buying (we're looking at you, Aries). Keep in mind, if you think about an item for a while- go for it! It'll be worth the purchase and everyone needs to treat themselves now and again. If you want a second opinion while you shop, bring along a friend or two that'll be honest in your choices. If you're really on the fence about something, odds are that it's not the right piece for you. 


2. You have a Mix of Statement Pieces and Basics.


Dress For Your Zodiac - Libra Style
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You love your go- to neutral-colored basics but can't resist a good statement piece when you find one. Whether it be a chunky necklace, a cool patterned bag, or bold rings, you know how to balance your "eye candy" pieces with simpler silhouettes and fabrics. If you're looking for some new statement items, go for an embellished platform shoe, an embroidered bomber jacket, or a body chain. Incorporating new trends into your outfits will keep your basics looking updated and refined.


3. You have that One Piece that You Always Wear.

Libra Zodiac Fashion

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When your friends say, "Wow, Deb, you must really love that sweater," it's a hint that you wear it every day. But, so what? You're being sustainable! And it's not like you don't wash it... sometimes. While it's great to have a favorite sweater, shirt, or pair of pants in your wardrobe, make sure to mix it up with different accessories. Play with layers and add or change out hats, jewelry, bags, jackets, and scarves to freshen up your staple pieces.  



4. Your Closet is a Mess.

What belongs in the closet for Libras? Learn more in this zodiac style guide

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Okay, I'm starting to think I'm secretly a Libra. Your cluttered closet stems from some indecisiveness that causes you to try on 17 outfits at least twice before getting dressed in the morning. The result is a huge pile of clothes that may or may not get picked up once you get home from work or school, but most likely the latter. If you're looking to keep your wardrobe more organized, try picking out your outfit the night before. There's a chance that you might change your mind by the morning, but it's worth a shot. You can also hang in-closet organizers to keep different types of garments and shoes in certain sections. That way, you don't have to ask your mom where it is.  


5. Your Favorite Colors to Wear are Blues and Creams.


Fashion Ideas for Libras - Zodiac Style Guide
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Libras are attracted to cool toned, sky- like colors like blues and creamy neutrals. When you look at your clothes, you probably don't own much red, orange, or yellow and you have a whole lot of blue, purple, and off- white. Considering your pastel color preferences, clothing with clean cuts and lines are best suited to you. When you wear more structured clothing in these colors, you'll avoid overdoing the babydoll look. Try out the denim on denim trend by layering different hues of blue to suit your sign.


6. You Don't Wear a lot of Bright Colors and Bold Patterns.

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You prefer elegant prints over geometric ones, but symmetry is your strong suit. Your draw to parallel, crisp lines come from your Venus-ruled sign's connection with architecture. Since you usually don't wear a ton of colorful clothing, don't be afraid to add unique structural details to your outfits. Shoulder pads, single pin stripes, and soft floral prints are great elements to try out and add a flair to your ensemble.



7. Your Style Changes a lot from Year to Year.


You're almost as much of a style chameleon as the cancers out there! Looking back on Timehop photos, you probably can't believe you wore a certain outfit just last year or the year before. Since your sense of style changes so much, be sure to donate or hand down any of your old garments that no longer suit your tastes!


8. You have a lot of Put-Together, Polished Pieces.

Zodiac Style Guide for Libras


When everyone else in class shows up in sweatpants, you're most likely not following. As a Libra, you're usually always dressed to impress. Why? Well, in case you run into Ryan Gosling or something, of course. You can never be too prepared. While everyone has a pair or two of sweats, you'd way rather spend the money on a new dress or heels. Work it, girl.  


Can you relate to these fashion qualities in Libras? Let us know in a comment below!


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