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Shop our selection of unique body jewelry right now, and find that special embellishment to add the finishing touches to your alternative look.


How to Choose the Right Body Jewelry

When you embark on getting a new piercing, or if you decide to go from un-pierced to pierced, the whole thing takes planning and preparation. Whether you already have a number of body piercings, or you are merely thinking about getting a body piercing, one thing you need to consider is the correct type of body jewelry.


For example, when it comes to choosing awesome body jewelry, you might find yourself overwhelmed when you are faced with the numerous different styles and types. Each ring, bar, skin dive – and any other type of body jewelry is known by a specific name.


For example, did you know that rather than asking for a tongue ring, you should actually ask for a barbell (and a straight one at that)? It is rare that people actually have their tongues pierced with a closed ring, so this is a perfect example of where knowing the correct terminology is important when choosing body jewelry.


You should also know to ask for or seek out body jewelry that is made from the correct materials, especially if you are getting a new piercing, or you have sensitive skin. For best results, it's recommended to go with materials like titanium, semi-precious metals like gold and silver, or plain surgical steel, particularly if you have sensitive skin.

So, if you are looking for a septum piercing to help bring your punk rock outfits to life, or a belly button ring to show off with a pair of genie pants and a boho style top - knowing exactly the types of body jewelry you are looking for will really help.

For a septum piercing you will want either an open or closed septum ring, and for a belly button piercing you could opt for a closed ball ring (circular barbell), a simple curved barbell design, or something a little more fancy with chains and baby dangle charm.

Before you commit to body jewellery or getting a new piercing, you should consider whether or not the piece of body jewelry is right for you. A large tragus charm earring may look great in a day-to-day setting, but perhaps you'd want to opt for a little more conservative design in the form of a labret to keep things subtle.

The key to choosing great body jewelry is to consider how when and where you will wear it. If you want something loud and rebellious as an addition to your kick-ass alternative wardrobe, then go wild. But if you want something more conservative you can browse different designs that are made for exactly that purpose.

Body jewelry doesn't have to make or break an outfit; it can merely be the gorgeous addition to an already put together style. The best thing to do is learn the terminology, browse the different styles and types available and do some research. You're sure to find body jewelry to suit you here at RebelsMarket.

Keeping up with styles in the fashion scene might seem tough, but easy for frequent shoppers at RebelsMarket, where fresh trends rule. Seasons and colors change not only for clothes, but also jewelry. From renditions of sweetness with over saturation of lovely bright pastels to metal and darkness, there is a myriad of options available to any shopper. Body jewelry has existed from many eras in the past, and still sweeps the current fashion scenes with a thud. Spiked and non-spiked jewelry can be seen all over Pinterest, Instagram, fashion blogs and runway shows. Spanning across colored spikes, notably Barbie pink, silver, and neon, studs, chains and spikes can be edgy, casual, sweet or dressy depending on how you adorn yourself with them.

Different Types of Body Jewelry

1. Barbells

They are a type of body jewelry composed of a straight, circular, or curved bar with a bead on each end or on both ends. They are the most common body piercing jewelry after rings. There are different areas where barbells can be applied, but the most common place you will see a straight barbell is in the tongue. Barbells differ in size, shape and materials used. Choose the best fitting barbell depending on the area of the body where you intend to place it. You might require wearing flexible plastic pieces of jewelry to allow movement and bending of the piercing site. The size of the barbell is called the gauge. 

Shapes of Barbells

Straight: It features two objects at either end of a straight post, and is commonly adorned on the tongue. 

Circular:It has a circular curved shape, frequently suitable for nose piercings. 

Banana: they feature a shape that is sort of middle ground between straight and circular barbell, where the post is bent into a banana shape, and are the barbell choice for navel piercings. 

3. Tongue rings

Two types of tongue piercings exist. 

Dorsoventral: It involves inserting the jewelry from the top and through the middle and bottom of the tongue. The piercing is usually located in the middle of the tongue, away from major blood vessels. Barbell studs go on either side of a stainless steel post inserted in the piercing.

Dorsolateral: It goes through the width of the tongue. This type is dangerous because of the many blood vessels that run through the area. 

4. Toe ring

This is a ring made of different metals and non-metals, and can be worn on any of the toes, but most commonly on the second toe of either foot. You would probably want to try out your first ring toe on the second toe because being the longest it is easier to put, and it is bound to stay firm. Take your casual style a notch higher by rocking barefoot sandals or flip flops with your toe ring in place to earn admiration. 

Just like finger rings, toe rings come in different shapes and forms, from intricate flowers embedded with jewels to simple bands. Opt for fitted rings which come in one size, or adjustable toe rings that have a gap at the bottom that can easily be adjusted to fit snugly. If you are heading to the beach in your chic summer outfit, a toe ring might save the day, and earn you respect and attention.

5. Nipple rings

Divert all attention to your nipples, and rock daring, adventurous and mystic characteristics. When others shy away from nipple piercings, be ahead of trends knowing that fashion is all about making what looks wrong be right. The Nipple Shield Dragon and the Nipple Shield Lucky 7 are a few examples to provoke your thirst for irresistible jewelry for your seductive piercings.

6. Lip rings

Almost all bite piercings are lip piercings. There are various types of lip piercings;

Standard: This is done on the center of the lower lip. A captive bead ring (CBR) or labret stud can be worn.

Monroe: This is on the left side of the upper lip and is named for the mole on Marilyn Monroe’s lip. Usually a labret stud is worn in this piercing.

Madonna: Similar to the Monroe piercing, but done on the right-hand side.

Medusa: It is done just above the center of the upper lip.

Labret: Below the center of the lower lip. Technically, “labret” is a type of jewelry, and this piercing is called a “center lip piercing,” but most people understand that this is the location of the “labret piercing” as it’s frequently called. A labret stud or captive bead ring can be worn.

Vertical Labret: Similar to the labret, except that it is pierced vertically with one end coming out of the standard labret piercing area, and the other coming up through and out of center of the actual lip. A bent barbell or CBR is worn in this piercing.

Ashley: A variation of the vertical labret, but the lower hole in the piercing is actually in the mouth leaving just the hole on the lip visible.

Jestrum: It is like the vertical labret, but done on the top lip like the Medusa.

Dahlia: It is done at the corners of the mouth. It’s more common to see this piercing done in pairs, though it doesn’t have to be.

7. Nose rings

This is a piercing that is on the nose. The different types are:

Nostril – This is a single piercing of the nostril. Either a captive bead ring or special type of nasal stud can be worn in this piercing.

Septum – This is a piercing done through the septum. It is usually done through the fleshy part just below the cartilage. A captive bead ring or bent barbell is the jewelry usually worn in this piercing.

Nose Bridge – This is a piercing done through the fleshy part of the bridge of the nose between the eyes. A barbell or bent barbell is usually worn here. It should be noted that there is a fairly high rate of rejection for this piercing

Body piercings have become more common in the recent past, with individuals exploring new soft tissues to pierce so as to express their individuality. Flaunt your rebellious attitudes by exploring body piercings on different body surfaces like ears, tongue, lips, navel and even genitals. Express your fearless nature by adorning your piercings with skulls, spiders, cats, snakes, skeletons and so much more. Let your dark side sparkle with glamour by wearing eye catching accessories that are bound to enhance your pale outfits. Don’t be left out, it is your turn now to make history. Explore your wicked style with body jewelry coming in different materials from metals, plastics, acrylics to bioplast made jewelry.