Sweaters & Cardigans

Just because you want to feel cozy, doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish in your edgy sweaters and cute cardigans. So, for the days when comfort and warmth are your main aim, but still want to look awesome, check out our selection of cute sweaters for women. RebelsMarket prides itself on bringing you the latest sweater and cardigan styles from the best alternative fashion stores worldwide.

If you want sexy sweaters for women at great prices, then we definitely have you covered. We offer a fantastic selection of stylish knitwear for those of you who want to wrap up warm but still look badass. Lightweight sweaters for layering with edgy winter coats, cute cardigans, and interesting prints for when you want to make a statement, even chic high fashion style knitwear – RebelsMarket has it all.


Choose from plenty of different prints, patterns, and textures, bold prints, edgy punk rock cardigans, and awesome sweaters to pair with that rockabilly outfit that you’ve been dying to wear. We have awesome outerwear to pair with boots, pants, fingerless fashion gloves, and warm winter clothing for anyone who wants to rock a unique, alternative look.

And what’s more, we take all of the hard work out of shopping online (or even in-store) because we curate all of our collections from the best alternative fashion designers across the web. We offer a truly diverse selection of fall and winter clothing, and cater to various alternative styles, be it goth, punk, urban, boho – the list goes on!


The styles you rocked last year are practically using vintage outfits by now, right? So, as the cold weather takes hold, why not add some texture to your fall and winter wardrobe? Boring sweaters are officially out, and now it's all about texture and prints. We've seen chunky knits, cool prints, quilts, and layers walking down the runways; now, we want to see you flaunting them.

So why not layer up in style during the cold with our coveted range of stand-out cardigans and edgy sweaters and knitwear? Opt for bright pastels paired with a cute pair of leather gloves to uplift your moods during the chilly weather, or go dark and gloomy to embrace your gothic side. Whatever style you choose, you can be sure to make a statement and stand out from the crowd by browsing these exclusive, online-only designs.


Cute Cardigans & Edgy Sweaters for Every Occasion

Styling Options 

The key is remembering to keep your style, but also to dress for the occasion. Oversize sweaters, for example, are designed to give a rugged, sometimes even disheveled look. This means they are great for casual events, camping getaways, or any time spent outdoors. Pair with ripped jeans and a pair of sturdy boots for a seriously grungy look, or pair them with some cute leggings and a knitted hat to keep everything light but cozy.

  • If you're dressing for an event that is a little more formal, opt for a waterfall cardigan. These feature a draping front, and in most cases, they lack closure. This way, you'll be able to cover your arms and keep warm, while flashing a chic party dress or formal outfit underneath. Plus, they are extremely versatile, so they pair perfectly with both smart and casual looks.

  • If you want to look edgy and make a statement, opt for a printed sweater or an edgy, slashed cardigan in a cool and unique design. Skull hoodies and sweaters in bright colors give a sense of texture and variety, while slashed cardigans show a little bit of skin.  

  • Create a bold, daring sweater-centric look by selecting an oversized sweater that could easily be worn as a sweater dress. Add some over-the-knee socks, boots, and a leather jacket for edgy, outlaw biker clothing.

  • If you'd rather opt for a more reserved, casual look, try pairing a cute women's sweater in black or white, or even a pastel color with some faux leather leggings and booties or pumps. If you want to create an even more relaxed vibe, try a cute geek-style piece paired with skinny jeans and some cool sneakers.

  • Unique jewelry is an easy way to add a little feminine glamour to your look. Since we stock a wide variety at different price points, you can accessorize the same sweater by simply pairing it with different low-cost jewelry items and accessories.

  • For the model-off-duty look, team your skinny black jeans with a biker jacket.

  •  Take your long sweater dress to the street by pairing it with platform sandals and dangling earrings. You can go ahead and throw on a long trench coat too.

  •  Are you a fan of playing with proportions? Then a front tuck in a miniskirt would work great. Dress this with a pair of heeled sandals, and you'll be good to go.

  • You can also bring out your beret, and pair it with a pleated maxi skirt, and a sleek pair of boots.

  • Don't forget to accessorize! You can add texture, interest, and detailing with a leather clutch bag, or a pair of silver earrings.        

Styling sweaters and cardigans all depend on the type of look you’re going for, whether it’s edgy and punk, or cute and Kawaii – browse the different options available in our edgy sweater and cute cardigan collection today and start planning your warm winter outfits. With free shipping and 10% off your first order, you cannot afford to miss.