Women's Sneakers

After a long day of work, it feels refreshing to come home to a cold drink and some massage. You feel comfortable and relaxed, right? Well, this is what you experience when you rock a  pair of cool sneakers for women. These shoes are snug and very elegant when paired with the right outfit. The sneakers come in a wide range of colors and lengths, giving you a variety of options to choose from. If you don’t have a pair of badass sneakers in your arsenal, then this is the right time to shop for one. If you have only a few pairs, don’t shy away from adding one or two more to your closet. But before that, here are some tips that will come in handy when shopping online.

Factors to consider when shopping for women’s sneakers online

RebelsMarket is a good choice when it comes to women’s footwear including sneakers, ankle-high, flat & platform boots. Also, we are interested in knowing that you get value for your money by providing you with information relevant to you as you shop. Here are some details to look out for as you shop.


Knowing the right material used for making sneakers is vital because it will help you get the right shoe for that suited occasion. The material will not only help you gauge the quality of the shoe but will help you know how to take care of the shoe. Some of the best materials to go for are;

Leather- this is a very versatile and waterproof material that is very durable. Therefore, lasts longer as compared to materials such as synthetics.

Textile- shoe textile comes in a wide variety; cotton, wool, nylon, or polyester. They have a wide range of colors that give style and design to the shoes. 

Synthetics- These are human-made materials made of polyester fibers. They come in a wide range of colors. Shoes made with this material are cheaper compared to other materials like leather.

Foam- helps to let in air to the shoes keeping your feet aerated. They provide support in the upper part of the shoe and make it easier for you as you walk in them.

Rubber- rubber is mainly used to make the soles of the shoe, the part that embraces the ground. They are durable and long-lasting.

Types of women’s sneakers

There are many types of sneakers you can choose from depending on your tastes, preference, and budget. Here are some sneakers that you should check out as you shop for this footwear;

 Knee-high sneakers

This is a  good shoe for a cold season like winter. They go all the way up to your knees and will keep you warm during the day. For extra warmth, you can layer with tights or leggings. They also pair well with an elegant skater dress, a trendy skirt, or jeans, paired with a bold top.


Canvas is a comfortable, easygoing shoe and is the basic type of sneaker. It can be punk goth, emo, rock, or even thigh-high black converse. Knee-high canvas sneakers for women can be easily styled with a cool t-shirt and distressed denim shorts for a relaxed day. You can also opt for a midi bodycon dress if you are looking for a more sensual look with your  pink pair of thigh-high converse shoes.


These sneakers are perfect for the ultimate turn-up. They have LEDs in the upper part of the fabric or on the rubber that gives them a fresh color pop that lights up. If you love bright colors, this is the perfect shoe for you. You can glam them with a nice leather jacket, skinny punk rock leggings, and some oversize tee to give you an alluring style as you turn up for karaoke or a chilled drink with the girls.

 High tops

High tops cover your foot to your ankle. They are comfortable and versatile shoes that can be worn when running errands like shopping or during outdoor activities with friends and family. They can be worn with a skirt, dress or trousers. High tops can be matched with fitting jeans and a simple top. 


If you are looking for something different and unique, go for thigh-high leather sneakers. They have various designs and can be worn with a wide range of outfits. A white leather sneaker and a black jumpsuit or romper would be a beautiful blend. A leather jacket could be added to add to an edge to the look.


Graffiti adds details to sneakers to make them appealing and desirable. Their colorful nature increases the urge to wear them often. You can rock this with ripped jeans, tees, a nice jacket, and accessorize with unique backpacks for a perfect finish.


These sneakers are gaining popularity more and more. They are raised at the back and give you a subtle sway as you walk. They are fused with many colors, which makes it easy when choosing an outfit. 


As the name suggests, these shoes are easy to wear. They are advantageous because they are breathable, and you can go on with the day's activities stress-free. They come in various types; platform, knitted, double-decked, or leather.

Sneakers are all seasonal footwear. Whether you want to meet up with your friends, go shopping, hiking, or even walk around your neighborhood, sneakers are guaranteed to accompany any look you may want to pull off. RebelsMarket provides you with a variety of options to choose from today to match your personality, taste, and preferences. Shop with us today and get 10% OFF your first order. We deliver worldwide!