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General FAQs.

Has my order been shipped?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an e-mail with tracking information from RebelsMarket. This e-mail will be sent to the same e-mail account used during your Checkout.

You can also find shipping information under Purchases > New/Shipped Orders in your RebelsMarket account. If the shipment status is Pending Shipping, then it’s likely the seller has not shipped your order yet. If the status is Shipped but Track Package is not present, then the seller may not have a tracking number. You may want to contact the seller directly to see if one is available.

How do I track my order?

If the seller includes tracking information with your order, you can view it from your Purchases page. Select My Account > My Purchases to find the order. You will see a tracking number and an estimated delivery date under the order details.

How do I search for an item on RebelsMarket?

If you’re looking for a specific item, use the search bar at the top of the website. You can search by product type, name or keywords. The results returned will be those best matching your search term and be sorted in order of relevancy

What Is A Dispute?

A dispute occurs when a buyer and a seller cannot resolve a problem with a purchase. In most cases, a resolution can be reached using the PayPal Resolution Center online. Else you can use the link below to file a PayPal dispute;
You can file a dispute from 45 days to 180 days of the purchase.

How do I leave feedback for a product that I purchased?

You can leave feedback by clicking on My Account > Purchases > Received Orders.

How do I obtain a refund?

In order to receive a refund, you must contact the seller through the RebelsMarket messaging system within 7 days of receiving your item. If you are not satisfied with your product, file a claim under disputes, and our customer service team will review your case.

Do you ship to my country?

The shipping destination capability depends on the seller from whom you are buying. If a seller ships to your country, you will see a message on the seller’s detail page similar to this:

This seller ships this item to United States for USD $0.00. Not your country? Choose your country.

If the seller does not ship to your country, please get in touch with the seller to find out if they are willing to do so.


How do I change the status of my coupon?

Within your seller’s dashboard, go to Promotions, and click My Coupons. Select the coupon you want to edit, and then click the coupon code’s status to change it. On the Edit Coupon page, click Active to activate the coupon or Inactive to deactivate the coupon. Save your changes.

How do I use a coupon code?

Each seller can create a RebelsMarket-exclusive, custom coupon code to offer their buyers a discount. The coupon code will apply to all items bought in a single order.

There are two types of custom coupon codes to offer discounts to buyers.

  • Percent discount: A flat percentage off a buyer’s single order and its shipping costs.
  • Free shipping: Removes shipping costs on the buyer’s order, which can be limited to orders shipped within the buyer’s state.

Add an item you would like to purchase to your cart, and click Checkout Now. On the right-hand side, enter the coupon code, and click Apply. The coupon discount will adjust your order total.

If you’re having difficulty redeeming your coupon code, please contact the seller or RebelsMarket Support to make sure the code is still active.

Selling FAQs.

How do I become a seller on RebelsMarket?

To become a seller on RebelsMarket, you’ll need to complete a free application. Once you approved, you can create your account and start listing products.

Once approved, what will I need to do to setup my free, online store?

Creating a seller account is simple. You will:

1. Input the store details
2. Add your credit card or Paypal details
3. Upload items

And, you’re done! It’s time to selling. There are no listing fees, setup fee or monthly fee for your online store.

How do I list an Item?

Visit My Account  > Add new item. If you are listing an item that is similar to an item you have listed before, alternatively you can go to My Account  > Manage Items and select Action > Similar items.

How do I show an item that has different sizes or colors available?

For items that are available in different sizes or colors you can list those as part of a single product listing and add different variants for the product.

How much should I charge for shipping?

This is entirely up to you, but remembers products with ridiculous or un-reasonable shipping charges will be flagged

How to update my store on RebelsMarket?

Once you register & login to your RebelsMarket account you will find your personal dashboard under “My account” > Click on ‘Update my Rebels Booth’ on from the sidebar on your dashboard

How much does it cost to list on RebelsMarket?

When you make a sale on RebelsMarket, you will be charged a transaction fee of 15% of the item price. This percentage does not include the shipping cost or tax. Transaction fees are added to your monthly RebelsMarket bill.

How do I pay my invoice or fees?

Any fees owed to RebelsMarket should be paid via PayPal. You must pay your bill within 3 business days after receiving your invoice.

Within your seller's dashboard, go to Billing and Payments. Click Current Balance and Payment. 

On the Account Summary page, on the right-hand side, Click Make Payment Now.



What happens if I don't pay an invoice?

If you fail to pay an invoice you may have your seller account will be suspended and cancelled for multiple offenders; you will still be liable to pay the invoice.

What happens if a customer wants to return an item for a refund?

You are obliged to accept returns if the item is delivered to a buyer in a different condition than it was advertised or if the buyer cancels the purchase within 7 days of receiving the item. You are not obliged to accept refunds in other scenarios, however it can be better to accept a refund, otherwise disgruntled customers can be prone to leaving negative feedback (even if you believe this is unjustified).


What happens if a buyer wants to return an item for exchange?

You are obliged to accept returns if the item delivered to a buyer is in a different condition than it was advertised. Products made to order cannot be returned at will - customers are advised to work with sellers to resolve the issue.

A Customer cannot return an item if its used or damaged (unless it was damaged on transit), Also, the customer must have a valid reason for returning an item.

While you are not obliged to accept exchanges in other scenarios, in our experience it is usually better to accept an exchange rather than leave a disgruntled customer and receive negative feedback. 


Who pays for the return postage if an item is faulty or incorrect?

If you, the seller, is at fault (e.g the item is broken or faulty or not as ordered) you are obliged to offer to cover the return delivery costs. This would need to be a direct payment from you to the buyer via PayPal.


I think there

If there is a transaction that was not completed by the buyer, or a fee you feel is incorrect, please contact us.

How do I view items I have listed?

Within your seller’s dashboard, Go to Manage Inventory.

Click Active Listings.


How do I publish my store?

You will need to add a Credit Card or Setup PayPal Pre-Approvals so that we can publish your account.

How do I cancel a sale?

1. Go to Your My Dashboard > New Orders/Shipped Orders

2. Find the order or transaction you need to cancel select Actions > Cancel Item

RebelsMarket will send a notice to both you and the buyer by email. If the customer acknowledges order cancellation we will credit your account within 48hours

You'll receive a receipt from RebelsMarket by email when your cancellation is processed.

How do I mark an order as shipped and notify my buyer?

To mark an order as shipped, go to My Account > Sales > New Orders.

On new orders page you will see a list of your new sales that have not yet been marked as shipped.  On the right side of the order info, you'll see  "Actions" button > then > ‘Update Shipment/Create Shipment’

Why do I have to apply to become a seller on RebelsMarket?

We ask all potential stores to apply so that we ensure our sellers list products that serve the alternative lifestyle and cultures (i.e gothic, punk, rock). We won’t approve sellers who list everyday products that can be found at major retailers like Woolworth, Target or Primemark.

Can I offer discount codes to buyers?

Sellers can create two types of custom coupon codes to offer discounts to buyers.

  • Percent discount: A flat percentage off a buyer’s single order and its shipping costs.
  • Free shipping: Removes shipping costs on the buyer’s order, which can be limited to orders shipped within the buyer’s state.

A buyer can enter your code during checkout.

How to Protect Your Seller Account from Hackers

Account Security Tips

Here are a few things you can do to protect your account from hackers or unauthorized access.

1. Enable 2 Step Authentication

This option adds an extra layer of protection by requiring you to provide a security code when accessing your account. This code will normally be sent to your mobile device.

To enable stripe notifications follow the link below

2. Set Up Notifications

It's recommended that you enable notifications, so that you can easily spot suspicious activities that might signal unauthorized access to your account.

If someone gains unauthorized access to your account, it could mean that the attacker can change change your banking information or transfer money to an account that is not yours. Fraudulent activities can cause your account to be terminated and potentially incur chargebacks and dispute fees.

To enable notifications follow this link

Setup Stripe Notifications

Setup PayPal Notifications

3. Change Passwords regularly

Incase your account has been hacked, it’s important that you change your password immediately. We also recommend that you change your password every 3 months.

4. Phishing Emails

 a. Credit cards or passwords - We will never email you asking for your password or credit card information. If you receive any emails requesting such information. Please notify RebelsMarket immediately if you receive such an email.

 b. Email Address: Look at the from address to verify that this email has been sent by RebelsMarket. You can always reference previous emails for confirmation or contact us if you are unsure about the authenticity of an email.

 c. Spelling & Grammar mistakes will be very common in phishing emails.

 d. Do not click on any links or buttons in any suspicious looking emails.


Marketplace Seller GiftCard and Discount FAQ

RebelsMarket offers Gift Cards and Discounts for our customers to help build a customer-centric environment that promotes your brand. But, you might have some questions when it comes to orders that are placed with gift cards or on coupons. We are here to answer all of your questions regarding discount pricing and how gift cards are handled.