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Seller Code of Conduct

Seller Code of Conduct


RebelsMarket is unique. And we owe it all to our Buyers and Sellers and their exceptional taste and enthusiasm. In order to keep our RebelsMarket’s community thriving, we’ve created some guidelines for current Sellers.




We ask that all sellers update their booth cover photos and icons. No one will walk into a store without a sign on the door. This is your booth, your store, your brand! Have fun with it!


We also ask that your booth have a description of you and your business. This helps create an emotional connection with the customer. Your buyers want to know who you are and why they should buy from you.


And, most importantly, make sure to show off your product! This means clear, professional-looking photos of your products and concise, readable product descriptions.


While RebelsMarket encourages all alternative lifestyles and creative products, we ask that product photos not contain explicit sexual or violent images.     


Product Listings


Products should be listed in the correct categories, with correct tags and styles identified. Misleading tags, incorrect style listings, or identifying an item as handmade are will result in product suspension.

Repeated offenses may result in seller suspension.





How would you feel if you spent decades developing your brand and then someone else claimed your work as their own? Don’t do it. Don’t copy, don’t sell anything you don’t legally own. Just don’t.     


Counterfeit products, products that are not your intellectual property, or products not matching the product image, will be suspended.



Customer Service


RebelsMarket works with both Sellers and Buyers to resolve any issues that may arise. This means we need your full co-operation with the RebelsMarket team. Sellers that do not answer emails or messages from RebelsMarket within two business days will be issued warnings and suspended at our discretion.





No shipping pricing games. We’ve all seen sellers do it - on eBay, on Etsy. You think you’re getting a great deal on a super, hard-to-find t-shirt and then BAM! shipping is $60. We realise international shipping rates are painful for everyone, but please, no taking it out on the customers.

Not fulfilling orders, shipping incorrect items, or repeated delays in shipping will result in warnings and suspensions



RebelsMarket asks that you pay your commision fees once a month. If you have any difficulty making the payment, or believe you have been improperly charged, we are happy to work with you to come to a solution. Please email with questions or concerns.


Please note that repeated offenders will be banned at our discretion.



We reserve the right to issue warnings, suspensions, and bans for any of the reasons listed above or for behaviour we deem inappropriate of a member of the RebelsMarket community.


It’s important that everyone at RebelsMarket (be they Buyers, Sellers, RM staff and founders) abide by these guidelines. We already know our Sellers high standards and incredible products or else they wouldn’t be here. Playing fair and playing by the rules means more trust in the community, more customers, and (most importantly) more sales.