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RebelsMarket Buyer Guarantee Program

RebelsMarket Buyer Guarantee Program

Every RebelsMarket customer receives a no fuss buyer guarantee with their order.

How Does RebelsMarket Protect Me When I Make a Purchase?

We believe that the best way to protect a customer is before a problem occurs in the first place. We do that by limiting who our sellers are.

RebelsMarket is not like other mainstream marketplaces like Etsy or Ebay. 

  • Anyone can sell on Etsy or Ebay, but not on RebelsMarket.
  • Every seller on RebelsMarket must first apply to become a vendor.
  • A machine or algorithm do not do our approval, but rather each seller is reviewed by our staff and approved only if they pass the following tests: 
  • Financial Stability.
  • Products that fit into our counterculture influenced marketplace.
  •  Products that demonstrate a consistent level of price and quality.

  • All of our sellers are continually reviewed, not only by their customers but also by our Seller Relationship staff to make sure they are working to provide quality products and service.
  • We accept different types of payment. PayPal, Credit, and Debit Cards with all major credit card logos. 
  • PayPal transactions give our customers the PayPal Buyer Protection Program.
  • If a PayPal Dispute isn’t available we will handle disputes through our RebelsMarket Dispute Program, which covers any transaction that does not get resolved under the PayPal Purchase Protection Program.
  • With this program your dispute is assigned a RebelsMarket dispute department staff member. Your dispute will be handled by a real human who understands how important getting this resolved is.
  • The staff member will gather all relevant information from the buyer and seller and give a settlement of the dispute. This is optional for our customers but is mandatory of all RebelsMarket sellers if a customer requests it.
  • Used a Credit Card, Debit Card, or Gift Card instead of PayPal? We have you covered and will have you contact your bank directly for a refund or chargeback. 

What Is PayPal Buyer Protection Program?

PayPal Purchase Protection covers you if you have a problem that cannot be resolved directly with the seller. When you file a dispute, PayPal helps you get your money back.

PayPal Protection covers eligible transactions for the full purchase price, plus original shipping charges.

To qualify for PayPal Purchase Protection:

  • Use PayPal to pay for your item.
  • Pay for the item in one payment. Items purchased with multiple or partial payments aren’t eligible.
  • Open a dispute in PayPal’s Resolution Center within 180 days of your purchase to let the seller know there’s a problem with the transaction.
  •  Escalate the dispute to a claim within 20 days of the date you opened the dispute. When you file a claim, you’re asking PayPal to decide whether you should get a refund.
  •  Keep your PayPal account in good standing.

How does PayPal protect you?

If an eligible item that you've bought online doesn't arrive or doesn't match the seller's description, PayPal’s Buyer Protection will reimburse you for the full amount of the item plus shipping and packaging costs. Buyer Protection covers eligible online purchases when you use PayPal.

How do you get your money back from PayPal?

If something does go wrong with your eligible purchase, simply file a dispute within 180 days. To do so, log in to your PayPal account and find the transaction in question in your Activity. Click on the transaction then Contact the seller, and follow the prompts.

Note: Paypal Protection is not available in every country, so please check to make sure your purchase qualifies.

What Is RebelsMarket Buyer Guarantee and How Does It Work?

All RebelsMarket customers receive the following guarantees for each purchase on RebelsMarket:

1.   A full refund or replacement if you don’t receive your order.
You will get a full refund if your order does not arrive within the promised delivery timeframe as listed by the seller.
Some exceptions that do not qualify for a full refund are:
  • Your order did not arrive due to factors within your control. (I.e. the wrong shipping address was provided)
  • Your order did not arrive due to circumstances beyond the seller’s control. (I.e. customs delays, natural disasters, inclement weather impacting carrier delivery schedules.)
  • Other circumstances outside of the control of RebelsMarket.

2.   Items Not as Described.

You can opt to receive a full refund if the item is not as described. (I.e. you ordered a purple purse but received green)

Or you can opt to keep the item and receive a partial refund of the purchase price.

If your item is not as described the seller will cover the return shipping cost. However, if you can accept the item as-is you can negotiate a partial refund with the seller directly. Otherwise, you will receive a full refund as noted by the seller’s return policy.

3.   Damaged Items.

If your order arrives damaged, contact the seller immediately to report the damage. For damaged items a full refund or replacement will be offered based on the seller’s return policy.

4.   Defective Items.

If your order arrives defective, contact the seller immediately to report the defect. For defective items a full refund or replacement will be offered based on the seller’s return policy. (I.e. Items that do not hold up in the wash, breaks on the second use, poor seams, etc.) 
Genuine Guarantee:

All items on RebelsMarket are guaranteed to be genuine as listed in the product description.
In cases where a brand name is listed we guarantee that they will be genuine brand-name products.

The genuine guarantee covers products that are:

  •  Purchased on RebelsMarket and have been listed as a name-brand product in the product description.
  • The products are believed to be counterfeits or different from their product descriptions on RebelsMarket with reasonable suspicion. (Please advise that manufacturer packaging and tags can change from time to time, each tag may differ from the images displayed)

            If you feel that an item is counterfeit, please contact our Support Team to report the suspicion. We will work with our sellers to resolve the situation and may offer a full refund, partial refund, or a replacement item based on the seller’s return policy.

Placing an Order:

  1.  Visit to select from hundreds of products and place your order.
  2. For Marketplace orders you pay the Seller directly via PayPal or Credit/Debit card.
  3.  RebelsMarket relays the order information to the seller.
  4. The seller will then process and ship directly to you via USPS, UPS, Fedex, or another qualified traceable carrier.

Who Do You Pay when you Place an Order on RebelsMarket?

You pay the Seller directly when you place your order via PayPal.

Who Handles Shipping and How Does It Work?

 The seller will ship your purchases directly to you via USPS, UPS, FedEx, or another qualified traceable carrier.

In most cases the seller will list the shipping method and processing times on the product page. However, if the shipping information is missing from the product page you may contact the seller directly via email for the shipping timeframes and processing timeframes.

Note: Sellers and RebelsMarket are not responsible for international duties and customs fees. 
What to Do If You Have a Problem with Your Transaction?

1.   Contact the Seller:

If you have any trouble with your order such as a delayed shipment, lost delivery, damage, or the item isn’t as described, we ask that you first try to contact the seller directly.

Most sellers will be happy to help resolve any issues you may have. We ask that you give the seller a chance to provide exceptional customer service and to resolve any issues you may have with your order. (However, bear in mind that payment disputes are time sensitive and should be handled as soon as possible)

2.   Report the Seller to RebelsMarket:

If after you have contacted the seller that the issue isn’t resolved in a timely manner, report the seller through the RebelsMarket Customer Support System.

RebelsMarket support will work to mediate a resolution between you and the seller.

3.   File a PayPal dispute:

In most situations, the easiest way to settle a dispute is to contact the seller directly. However, if that doesn’t work you are protected by PayPal and can submit a dispute.

You have 180 days from the original purchase date to file a dispute with PayPal.

During a PayPal dispute, PayPal will help you and the seller to arrive at a solution to the situation. They make it easy for both buyers and sellers to easily track, manage, and resolve any disputes.
In order to submit a PayPal dispute, you need to create an account with PayPal. We strongly encourage you to create a PayPal account when you submit your order if you do not already have one.

Once you begin the dispute process, PayPal will hold on to the transaction funds until the situation is completely resolved. If it cannot be resolved, then the dispute will be escalated to a claim where PayPal will investigate the claim and make a ruling on the situation.

To learn more about PayPal disputes, click on the link below.

What if You Are Outside of the PayPal buyer Protection Policy?

If your order is outside of the PayPal’s buyer protection policy, you may still be eligible to file a dispute and possibly get a refund via your credit card company or bank that you used to pay for the transaction.

In situations where you want to submit a chargeback or stop-payment on an order please contact your credit card company or bank directly to find out if you are eligible.

Of course, if there are extreme situations that have prevented you from submitting a request for assistance within the available protection timeframe, our customer support team will do everything in their power to ensure that this is a positive shopping experience.

What Happens After I File a Dispute?

After you file a dispute, the seller account will be restricted until they reply to the dispute and resolve the issue. Additional communication should be posted on the item detail page.

If the seller is unresponsive and you feel that you have given the seller an adequate amount of time to resolve the issue, please provide a rating to the seller.

If you are requesting a refund, please request it first from the seller. Sellers are responsible for issuing refunds and resolving issues. However, we are happy to step in where you need us to provide a reasonable resolution. 

What if I Paid with A Credit or Debit Card?
If you paid with a Credit Card or Debit Card, you are protected still. In the event that an item is damaged, defective, lost or late, we will ensure that you receive either a full refund or a replacement item.

How to initiate a return for your Credit or Debit card purchase:

  • Contact the seller. Working directly with the seller is always the best way to initiate a return.)
  • If you and the seller are unable to reach a reasonable resolution, contact our customer support.
  • We will work with both you and the seller to ensure that the situation is resolved.
  • If no resolution can be found with the seller, initiate a chargeback with your credit card institution or bank directly.

What if I Paid with A Gift Card?

When you pay with a gift card, you are still covered by our Buyer Guarantee. If you need to initiate a return or have any trouble with your order, please contact our Customer Service for assistance.

Once the return is initiated if you are setting up a return for a refund, the funds will be issued back as in-store credit that can be used on eligible items on RebelsMarket. 

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