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Plus Size Dresses

Find badass plus size dresses for your badass plus size body here on RebelsMarket!

We have a variety of plus size alternative dresses from mini dresses at will hug your curves to maxi dresses that will help you keep things light and breezy.Sure, there are some styles of dresses that are more widely recommended for gorgeous plus size women like you, such as black dresses and wrap dresses, but let’s be keep it real - you don’t need anyone’s permission to wear whatever the hell you want. What’s way more important than the color or cut of the dress is that you feel gorgeous while wearing it.

That’s why RebelsMarket and our sellers have made sure that our selection of plus size dresses includes plenty of dresses in every cut, fit, and style that you can imagine!

We have a wide variety of vintage and retro style dresses and pin-up and rockabilly style dresses so that you can wear your favorite era’s style no matter your body type.

And if you like your edgy style with a bit of whimsy, too, we have tons of steampunk and gothic dresses to appeal to your more imaginative side.

Looking for some dresses that are a little more decidedly modern?But being plus size doesn’t mean that you can only wear dark, subdued colors. If you want to bring some color into your wardrobe, our sellers also offer plenty of dresses in bold colors and patterns to fit harajuku, kawaii, and pastel goth styles, as well as any other alternative style and subculture.

Our sellers of  alternative dresses have styles for all occasions, from festivals to prom and even weddings. 


Dresses are awesome! They’re comfortable and easy to wear, and throwing on a dress is the easiest way to look stylish and put together. Whether you’re single and carefree or a mom raising your own little rebels, a dress is an instant outfit!

That’s why it’s so important to us here at RebelsMarket, and to the sellers that we work with, to make sure that we have clothing of every garment type available for all body types in all alternative fashion styles. Who are we to deny anyone the ability to wear the easiest outfit ever?

Of course, it’s also super easy to elevate your outfit even more by adding just a few accessories. Add a pop of your color when you wear plus size black dresses with bold shoes and bright statement jewelry. Or keep your outfit monochromatic with a black bag and black footwear.

Feel super femme with cute heels and a wide belt that shows of your hourglass waist. For a relaxed look with your plus size maxi dresses, try casual shoes like sandals or sneakers along with statement jewelry like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces or pendants.

Plus size steampunk dresses look great with accessories like round-framed glasses or goggles and corsets or corset style belts. And for bonus style points, don’t forget a top hat and vintage style pocket watch As for plus size gothic dresses, you can’t go wrong with a leather or lace choker, a pair of statement tights, and roses on your hair accessories or jewelry.

And no matter what your outfit looks like on the outside, never underestimate the power of gorgeous lingerie to make you feel sexy and beautiful.

Of course, very few of us can wear dresses all the time, so don’t forget to check out our other types of edgy and alternative clothing.