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5 Elemental Palettes

5 Elemental Palettes

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FIRE the bringing of light. The Element of Illumination and willpower lends itself to desires of the wielder of this palette. The embodiment of drive and the means to empower oneself are hidden deep within its flame. Delve deep into its chaotic dance and pull out the flame of your own sun with our concoction. mixed with pure cosmetic grade essential oil of clove, this palette is fit for all things requiring a certain strength of will. 

WATER, the element of emotion and mystery. The source of all life and the means to take it away combined with gentleness and nurturing, water is unique. with its ebb and flow, it can make things appear more safe or dangerous depending on one's own emotions. for this reason, water can also enhance one's intuition and latent psychic abilities. combined with essential oil of jasmine, you too can tap into your gifts with our elemental palette of water.

AIR the third element representing our thoughts, our minds, our imaginations, and intellect. Air is the giver of reason and logic and rules over communication. using pure cosmetic grade frankincense essential oil, decision are easier and one finds eloquence to come naturally through their speech when connecting with its power. with an emphasis on focus and academics, air is abundant with knowledge and can imbue you with the means to accomplish any goal. allow the breath of life to give power to your intentions and your word with this palette. 

EARTH the source of all life is the creative force of the elements embodying the physical aspects of all other elements. healing and nurturing as well as growth, prosperity, and strength are all well known qualities of the fourth element. the means to build our futures are also hidden within the depths of its power. utilizing pure cosmetic grade vetiver essential, one finds it easier to fulfill their needs and manifest their desires. if persuasion is your game and you're determined to have it your way, draw from this palette and find your wishes come to life.

SPIRIT, the final element and most sacred in the practice of the occult and esoteric. spirit spans between our world and the worlds beyond the veil. From where all things come and all things go, all that will exist and all that has, life and death mean nothing and time has no effect of the most ethereal of the five powers that be. christened with pure cosmetic grade amber essential, the essence of life and time lost flows freely from this palette. Your true potential lies hidden in it's light and only you can harness that.

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