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Black Long Zipper Big Pockets Slim Jeans
Black Long Zipper Big Pockets Slim Jeans
Black Long Zipper Big Pockets Slim Jeans
Black Long Zipper Big Pockets Slim Jeans
Black Long Zipper Big Pockets Slim Jeans
Black Long Zipper Big Pockets Slim Jeans
Black Long Zipper Big Pockets Slim Jeans
Black Long Zipper Big Pockets Slim Jeans
Black Long Zipper Big Pockets Slim Jeans
Black Long Zipper Big Pockets Slim Jeans

Black Long Zipper Big Pockets Slim Jeans

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Material: Polyester

These pants are long to fit ankle length. They have pocket design at the top and big pockets on the side  to store your phones and wallets on a busy day. It has a zipper fly and metal button decoration and the fabric is stretchy. Going for a chic look,wear these jeans with a tank top and  boots with a bomber jacket to a cocktail party.

Explore product styles: Street/Urban Fashion

10 Customer Reviews

    Reviewed By
    Augustus - Canada
    December 10, 2019

    Found these pair of jeans after so many attempts of trying different brands and different fittings. My waist is around 44( because of my belly) but my legs and thighs are normal (like 38 size guy). So it become extremely difficult to find right jeans for me. These jeans are really comfortable and the fitting is on point. Will order other colors as well.

    Reviewed By
    Nelson - Jamaica
    December 07, 2019

    I'm a tall woman that prefers men's jeans (such pockets! and consistent measurements!) and I was looking for a new good pair of pants I could wear for work and recreation. These are fine--they have a TON of stretch. I wish I'd looked more closely at the fabric and stretch, because it's a little much for me, but they are definitely perfectly serviceable jeans. I'm hoping that after a couple of washings, they fit me a little tighter. If you are looking for more form-fitting pants, I'd suggest order down a size.

    Reviewed By
    Raymon - Denmark
    December 05, 2019

    Just bought 4 different pairs of jeans for my husband who just lost a few pounds. These look amazing on him and he says they are super comfortable. I am going to order another pair. Other brands have a similar cut but with more stretch. Waist is perfect for a middle aged slim man with a little bit of a stomach because of the extra stretch.

    Reviewed By
    Lloyd - United States
    October 15, 2019

    I'm a guy, I like jeans. Problem is most jeans make you look like a farmer, a truck mechanic or Boy George. Add to that Asian sizes will pretty much castrate you by being too tight in the crotch, hence my dilemma. I discovered these jeans. They have a gusseted crotch for all day non ball bite comfort, the material is super stretchy, breathable and light and they look sharp too.The material rocks! Now I am the envy of all the men at Home Depot. Bought 3 pairs in one month, I Like these jeans and the size is spot on.

    Reviewed By
    Sunny - United States
    October 09, 2019

    Wow, these are fantastic jeans. The material is very sturdy but soft, and I don't feel the "stretch" at all in them. I bought some Levi's slim-fit stretch jeans and they felt like I was wearing jean sweatpants! These jeans fit perfect on me (5'11" and 178lbs) and don't feel stretchy or baggy at all. I can't belief the quality of these jeans at this price point!! Goodbye Levi's!!!

    Reviewed By
    Dante - Croatia
    September 10, 2019

    Really nice jeans once you figure out the styles and fits. I first tried the Straight Fit jeans, they were super baggy like relaxed fit. Then I tried the Athletic Fit jeans, they sat super high on the waste and were baggy through the the top and tapered down to the ankle, no thanks. The slim fit was perfect. They fit like a normal pair of modern straight fit jeans. Not baggy at all but not skinny jeans either. The size fit is right on and you can get odd size lengths! Do you know how hard it is to get a size 33 length. Probably the best feature plus the price. Quality is great and they look great. If they last 6 months or longer these will be my new go to jeans.

    Reviewed By
    Bradly - Belgium
    August 10, 2019

    My son is a bit chunky with a round and prominent 'rear', these are some of the few pants that he can wear well. Fit good, quality good, price good. We're satisfied. I will purchase in other colors when available .

    Reviewed By
    Tad - Belarus
    August 03, 2019

    I can never find jeans in my size since I'm very small for a forty year-old man. No one will carry jeans with a 28 L that doesn't also have a child's width. These are the only affordable jeans I've ever found that are available in any size. They look good, too, and not like some "short person's" jeans that were cropped at the bottom. They're maybe a little larger than other 32/28 jeans I've found in the past, but they fit well and with a wash they got even better. This is a great alternative for these shorter guy who has been left behind by the elite brands who assume everyone is tall and thin and nothing else.

    Reviewed By
    Daren - Bulgaria
    June 07, 2019

    I had the hardest time finding a quality denim jean at a great price. I looked all over the internet and yes you can find them but they want $65-$100 for a pair. I bought for my husband fit perfectly, slim fit great, comfortable and the color, length all better than expected. I'm telling you

    Reviewed By
    Jeremy - Finland
    May 11, 2019

    I love this jean! They're comfortable, constructed well and look great. The small degree of stretch, especially at the waist, is a great benefit. With the slim fit, I can opt not to wear a belt if I'm not doing something that requires a lot of movement. And I want to emphasize that these are a slim fit - for someone with bulky legs and a slim waist, they may be a little tight around the thighs...but so would any jean, I'd guess. Again, for me, this jean has a winning combination of comfort, fit, durability and appearance!

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