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Black Velvet Goth Burlesque Bustier Waist Training LONG Overbust Corset Top

Black Velvet Goth Burlesque Bustier Waist Training LONG Overbust Corset Top

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This item is handmade

Material: 100% Velvet

Black Velvet Burlesque Overbust Corset Top
Inside Cotton Twill
Front Busk Opening & Back lace


  • Overbust pattern
    perfect for long, medium & short torso female.

  • Front length is 15.5
    inches (39.2 cm).

  • Bust to bottom length
    is 18 inches (46 cm).

  • Side length is 14.4
    inches (36.5 cm).

  • Back Length is
    17.6 inches (45 cm).

  • Bone: 12 Flat steel
    bones are distributed all around the corset.

  • Bone: 2 Spiral steel
    bones are located at the Front of the Corset.

  • Front opening is metal
    Busk which is 14 inches long.

  • Lacing: It has 8 meter
    long lace which is used to tight lacing the corset.

  • Grommets in the back
    16 X 2 = 32 total.

  • Panels: It consists of
    12 Panels 6 each in front and back.

  • Modesty panel: 6
    inches wide. To get it covered from back too.

  • Fabric Layer-1: Shell
    Fabric 100% Velvet.

  • Fabric Layer-2: Fused
    100% Cotton Twill for extra comfort.

  • Waist tape: 1 inch
    wide satin waist tape is used for perfect grip and hold.

  • Suspender loops: 6
    suspender loops at inside bottom.

  • Bone casing: Bones are
    specially placed under cotton twill casing.

  • Piping: Top and bottom
    piping with black velvet tape.

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