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Cropped Military Jacket
Cropped Military Jacket

Cropped Military Jacket

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Short jacket in military green color, with many steampunk details. 

We have licensed this beautiful design from SteampunkCouture, combining the beauty of Kato and her designs with our professional tailors. 

XXL: bust 102/40, waist 96/38, sleeve length 68/26,5, length 36/14
XL: bust 98/38.5, waist 90/35.5, sleeve length 66/26, length 36/14
L: bust 94/37, waist 74/29,sleeve length 65/25.5, length 34/13.5
M: bust 88/34.5, waist 66/26, sleeve length 63/24.5, length 34/13.5
S: bust 84/33, waist 58/22.5, sleeve length 61/24, length 32/12.5

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