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Soviet Gas Mask "Gp 5" Size Small (1)
Soviet Gas Mask "Gp 5" Size Small (1)
Soviet Gas Mask "Gp 5" Size Small (1)
Soviet Gas Mask "Gp 5" Size Small (1)
Soviet Gas Mask "Gp 5" Size Small (1)
Soviet Gas Mask "Gp 5" Size Small (1)
Soviet Gas Mask "Gp 5" Size Small (1)
Soviet Gas Mask "Gp 5" Size Small (1)
Soviet Gas Mask "Gp 5" Size Small (1)
Soviet Gas Mask "Gp 5" Size Small (1)

Soviet Gas Mask "Gp 5" Size Small (1)

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Material: Gum, glass, metal

Buy RARE vintage black gas mask "GP-5" SIZE SMALL(1)

This is really scary soviet gas mask "GP-5". Comes with filter and orginal bag. "GP-5" was made in USSR for civil and military purposes. Good for carnivals!

The Russian GP-5 is another mask in the Russian GP series. Like all other masks in the GP series, it has a simple inlet and exhale valve system along with eye lenses encapsulated in metal to keep it on the mask.

These are unused masks, shows signs of age, has some rust on metal parts.
Remember that it's been lying in storage for last 40 years now. Made in USSR in 1974s.


Measure the diameter of the head and select your size. How to measure the diameter of the head- see in last photo.

Diameter sizes:

0- TILL 63 Centimeters ( 24.8 inches)
1- From 63,5 Centimeters ( 25 inches) till Centimeters 65,5 ( 25,7 inches)
2- From 66 Centimeters ( 25.9 inches) till Centimeters 68 ( 26.7 inches)
3- From 68,5 Centimeters ( 26,9 inches) till Centimeters 70,5 ( 27,7 inches)
4- From 71 Centimeters ( 27.9 inches) and more.

I will carefully pack the item and ship through Lithuanian Post. I will provide you the tracking number.

Please read "Shop Policies" about shipping time, returns and other important things before buying and don't forget to check my other beautiful items!


The GP-5 gas mask is a Soviet-made single-filter gas mask. It was issued to the Soviet population starting in 1970; production ended in 1989. It is a lightweight mask, weighing 1.09 kg (2.42 lbs). It can operate in all weather and withstand temperatures from −40 degrees (Celsius and Fahrenheit) to 114 °C (237 °F). They were originally made to protect the wearer from radioactive fallout during the Cold War and were distributed to most fallout shelters. They have recently been tested in Poland to see if they have NBC protective capabilities. It was concluded that the mask will last in an NBC situation for 24 hours. They are a favorite of gas mask collectors because they are common and have the "old" circular eyepieces like masks used in WWII and the "helmet" type masks.

A variation of the GP-5 gas mask is the GP-6, which features a circular piece of metal that contains a thin piece of plastic on the inside, which acts as a voice diaphragm, as well as the dubious design for ear holes, which compromised the seal of the mask. Furthermore, the GP-5 mask is known to tightly cling to the skin of the head, making it only wearable by having relatively short hair.

The GP-5 was made famous for its apparent use in Chernobyl after the nuclear disaster, but in reality the IP-4 rebreather was commonly used during cleanup, although some GP-5 gas masks were used.This gas mask has spawned many copies; for instance, the TF-1 gas mask is similar to the GP-5, and the SchMS sniper mask has the same hood style design. There is also a Russian military version called the SchM41M, which often uses a coffee can-style filter with a hose. These masks are commonly mistaken for the SchM41M mask, the difference being the size of the intake and outtake valves.


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