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Misery Hook
Misery Hook
Misery Hook
Misery Hook
Misery Hook
Misery Hook

Misery Hook

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Material: Cotton

100% cotton 3 color screen print on Alstyle Fine Jersey Fitted Unisex T-Shirts.

Artist statement printed inside the collar:

Sometimes we get so comfortable with a feeling that we get hooked on to it. Strange that we can get hooked on feeling miserable. Like a twisted joke, it becomes a normal, comfortable, and safe.

However, we can get hooked on other feelings too. Like feeling cheer to the point of losing touch with reality, which isn't that much better as we chase that ever elusive balance in life.

Emotions come and go, like the rising and setting of the sun. There is a great peace in the acceptance of that. Chase no emotion, but whatever the current emotional forecast is, give it a passing embrace.

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1 Customer Reviews

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    Nicole - United States
    June 04, 2016

    Love this shirt

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