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Hawk & Hummingbird

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United Kingdom

?Bespoke & Custom Designed Shoes & Apparel By An Independent Artist. One Off and Unique Products That No One But You Will Have! Be Different, Be Alternative, Be Unique. Embrace It.

Hawk - Representing The darkness, hardcore, stand out and raging alternative.

Hummingbird - Representing The Light, fragile, soft, and delicate. 

Are you a Hawk or a Hummingbird?

At Affordable Prices. Payment Options Available. Shipping worldwide.

What do we use? Here are a few examples: Crystals, Spikes, Heavy Metal, Hand Painting, Precious Metals, Chain, Rocks, Glitter, Glass, Recycled Vintage Fur, Rope, Jewellery, Feathers, Latex, PVC, Fishnet, Motorbike Parts, Authentic Band Products, Diamantes, Studs, Bullets... The Possibilities are endless.

We have also just started to create a new lingerie and clothing collection too! All alternative, sexy and raunchy! Just the way we like it! ;)

We are still in the early stages of development so please spread the word of Hawk & Hummingbird! Our first magazine feature will be released end of July in Manic Mosh. 

If you'd like a custom design feel free to contact me on here, via email or through my website. There's an easy to fill out quote form online if you'd prefer to do that? :)

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If you're a model or photographer, I'm happy to lend certain products for shoots etc :)

XOX Tasha ?

REDD ROCKZ sporting Hawk & Hummingbird Hand Made Thigh Boots and Corset.
The incredibly popular Alice in Wonderland inspire pump.
Some of the new lingerie designs. 

Julija Nazarova Modelling the Mirror Mirror Peep toe pony boots. Made from cut glass, acrylic diamonds and swarovski crystals.