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Plus Size Irregular Length Lace Sleeves Top
Fitting: Too small Size: 3 Xl Color: Purple Verified Purchase

This item does not fit and the stitching is uneven.

Seller Response July 08, 2021

Please advise to resolve. Thank you.

July 07, 2021
United States
Men's 3D Woman Skull Print Short Sleeves T-shirts
Fitting: Too small Size: 2 Xl Verified Purchase

I purchase a Mens 2XL version of this shirt and it is complete garbage. Literally I got a shirt that was the size for a Medium Woman who wanted it extra tight to show off her body, not a shirt for a 2XL man. In addition, the picture makes it look like a cotton loose fit shirt. It is a polyester super tight fitting shirt.

Seller Response May 01, 2021

So sorry, please advise if you would like to return for a refund. Thank you and we apologize.

April 29, 2021
United States
Women Punk Buckle Straps Zipper Skinny Pants
Fitting: Too small Size: M Verified Purchase

I received similar pants but they are missing some things in the image. The back pockets and buckles up on the hips. The rest is similar so I didn't mind those missing details. However, the fit is very weird. The pants are quite high waisted but have ZERO stretch to accommodate that. The legs fit okay, but the high waist was suffocating. I could not even sit down. Standing only pants?

Seller Response April 07, 2021

Thank you for your feedback please advise how we can help you.

Customer Response 2021-04-11

I would like to exchange for a bigger size if possible? Thanks T

April 06, 2021
Gothic Sleeveless Unicorn Skull Print Tops
Fitting: Fits as expected Size: M Verified Purchase

This shirt is a nice fit. However, the image almost seems to be "zoomed in" on the shirt so it has a bit of a blurry effect. The fabric on the front is different from the fabric on the back of the shirt and the front is almost a dark grey instead of black so the image also lacks the stark contrast. I still like it but i was hoping for a clearer image.

Seller Response April 07, 2021

Thank you for your feedback please advise how we can help you.

April 06, 2021
Gothic Sleeveless Red Ace Print Tops
Fitting: Somewhat large Size: L Verified Purchase

Looks great! Fits a bit loose but I do tend to order large as a precaution.

July 27, 2020
United States
Gothic Long Sleeves Illuminate Skeleton Torso Print Hoodies
Fitting: Somewhat small Size: Xl Verified Purchase

Fits more like a normal hoodie for me. Was not extra large and as soft as it is on the inside, the pattern is what kind of upsets me. Its litterally the same picture front and back. For 39 usd i was expecting at least a different pattern like, the back view of a skeleton. Other than that its a decent hoodie and kind of witchy or whatever theme youre trying to go for.

Seller Response June 29, 2020

Thank you for your comment. Please advise if you would like to exchange or return.

June 29, 2020
United States
Gothic Sleeveless Unicorn Skull Print Tops
Size: M Verified Purchase

Still waiting for it two months later.

Seller Response May 22, 2020

So sorry to hear you still have not received your order. Ever since covid 19 shipping might be delayed. Please allow sometime but if you have not received eventually contact us and we will make a refund to you. Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience.

May 22, 2020
United States
Long Sleeves Bow Knot Skull Print Halloween Dress
Fitting: Somewhat small Size: 2 Xl Verified Purchase

The dress itself is somewhat smaller than expected and the material is super thin to the point of feeling cheap.

Seller Response March 31, 2020

Please advise if you would like to return or exchange. Thank you.

March 28, 2020
United States