Lil Poopie Nation

No baby has ever looked so cute or so cool when pooping in their onesie. Lil Poopie Nation is an underground operation keeping your baby looking like a badass in cool baby clothes. Because really, what baby doesn't want that?

Our baby and infant onesies are for the coolest babies you know. Babies who did nine months on the inside and now they're out and ready to cause trouble. These infant onesies are perfect for any occasion you can imagine: baby showers, birthday presents, or even just-because gifts.

Really, they're the baddest punk baby clothes ever to be spit up on. Future skaters, rock and roll bands, punk rock mother suckers, and compulsive diaper devils live in our worlds, and we know they live in yours too. We welcome all kinds here, and we hope to be a resource for you and your cool, alternative families. 

Best of all, Lil Poopie Nation is 100% American-made baby clothing for your lil skaters and punks. When you buy American, you support safe and clean working conditions, protect child labor laws, grow our American home economy, and support the independent work of your local brothers and sisters.

Thank you for supporting our American-made baby clothing line! If you have any questions, comments, requests, or need-to-know info, feel free to contact Lil Poopie Nation today.

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