MessQueen New York

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MessQueen New York is a clothing line specializing in spandex wear. We carry items such as leggings, harem pants, pencil skirts, crop tops, catsuits, swim wear, leotards, booty shorts, bike shorts, children's leggings and shorts, as well as accessories; all using every color in the Crayola box. 
The playful use of bright colors, prints and shapes within the designs expresses an anarchist state of mind-going against the norm of everything fashion. 
All MessQueen products are carefully handmade in New York City. We pride ourselves in carrying only the *highest quality* of spandex wear at affordable prices; we've been doing this since 2007 and have perfected the ways in which to make a high quality *hand-made* spandex garment at an affordable price. So we like to think we know what we're doing... ;)