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Punk Rock Anthem Visual Muse Grunge Sleevelet Tuxedo Tartan Shirt JGGA327
Fitting: Fits as expected Size: M Color: Black Verified Purchase

(Black Version) This has to be my favorite shirt of all time now. Everything from the red plaid on black design to the detachable sleevelets just looks incredible. The colors really look great in person, too. The chains are metal and great quality, and the way they go from the center of the back, under the arms, around the front, and connect to the ends of the collar is incredibly cool. The shirt looks super elegant, and the shape of the ends of the shirt at the bottom of both the front and back really add to it.

January 27, 2022
United States
Punk Tattoo Aries Telekinesist Harness Plaid Sleevelet Parka Jacket JJ2350
Fitting: Fits as expected Size: One Size Color: Red Verified Purchase

I really love the freedom of choice you have with this jacket. It looks phenomenal the way it is, and the colors are even better in-person, but the ability to attach, detach, and relocate parts of the jacket makes it that much cooler. The forearm part of the sleeves are removable via a zipper that is hidden from sight a bit above the elbow, the chain/strap attachment can be removed or switched around by attaching any of the ends to any of the rings located on the jacket (you can have the straps up top and chains at bottom, or reversed, as well as worn around the front or around the back), the standalone colored strap that comes with it can also be attached to the jacket, there's a double zipper (one at the top and one at the bottom), which is just cool, and the chains that protrude from the pockets on the front can be removed by pulling them out from the inside pocket, if so desired. Amazing design and incredible appearance, I absolutely love it.

January 27, 2022
United States