Paper Pinups

Paper PinUps - Coming Soon!

Paper PinUps was born out of love for another era... and because I kept losing my bobby pins!

Cute boxes featuring cheeky cheesecake lovelies full of either bright or mini bobby pins have been a hit with customers all over the world, making for great stocking fillers (pun intended!) and bridal parties.

Additionally, I make greeting cards with... you've got it more PinUps!

I've sold on Etsy for almost 3 years as 'InGripsWeTrust' and proud to say I have only 5 star reviews!

Paper PinUps is a new name and Rebels Market is to be a new home - The goodies and quality are the same with new items being added frequently.

I'm also working on retro collages which will be available as originals and prints. Watch this space!


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