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Hello, and welcome to Still Tree! We are a small British business currently based in the Netherlands, selling unique handmade jewellery and accessories, using natural materials to create products with a quirky edge and clean design. We source all of our materials from reputable suppliers and keep things as eco-friendly as possible. Come find us on Facebook if you're interested in new designs, offers and giveaways at: (web link removed) A bit of background.... I've loved making things from an early age when my Mum taught me dress-making and how to knit and have always had little projects on the go, but Still Tree actually came about from a baking hot afternoon in the Northern Thai mountains and a bumpy trip on the back of a moped... My boyfriend and I were exploring some paddy fields and as we came along a dirt track in the middle of nowhere I noticed loads of beautiful iridescent blue feathers littering the road. They came from an Indian Roller bird, who had clearly met its match with another animal. I spent a while collecting them and on cleaning them when we got home I realised they would make for stunning earrings. And so came Still Tree. We made a big move to Amsterdam in 2010, and having been trading for just over three years we're growing well, and there are many ideas/plans in the pipeline, so keep an eye out!

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