Surreal Makeup, LLC.

Surreal Makeup, LLC.

Mission : Provide the most vibrant, long lasting all natural mineral cosmetic products without adding lakes, dyes, parabens or harsh chemicals.

Just imagine the damage being done to your skin and complexion due to the harsh chemicals, emulsifiers, waxes, dyes, gluten and talc found in standard cosmetics.  Putting those things on your skin can cause allergic reaction, dry skin, acne and premature aging.  Ask yourself, does the price of beauty have to come at such a great cost?

Our all natural products are created with you in mind and contain no harsh chemicals, no emulsifiers, no waxes and certainly no dye.  Surreal Makeup is gluten free, talc free, paraben free and cruelty free.

You can put on our product at the beginning of the day knowing it will be there by the end of the day.  No need to reapply continuously.  No fading, creasing, streaking or clumping.  Just pure mineral cosmetics that wash away easily with mild soap and water or a baby wipe.

Pure, Simple, Surreal.

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