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Punk Love Embroidery Girdle Strap Lingerie Three-piece Suit /3045
Fitting: Fits as expected Size: S Verified Purchase

This fits great! I was a little nervous about it being one size for all the pieces, but I was not disappointed. Each piece is very well made, and seems like it will last a while. Plus, I got my package 2 weeks before the estimated delivery date!

Seller Response August 16, 2021

Thanks ,Now we have changed to a faster express delivery. Generally you can receive it in about 10 days.

August 14, 2021
United States
Punk Black Tutu Skirt, Strappy Zipper Pleated Skirt
Fitting: Too small Size: L Verified Purchase

I kive the design and the material is good, but even with the largest size it was too small. Im a UK14 which isnt massive but it made me feel bigger than wanted. For those with the right figure, im sure its a fantastic product

July 19, 2021
United Kingdom
Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Chameleon Ring Lizard Open Ring
Verified Purchase

Likred it broke in half 3 day after received

Seller Response April 28, 2021

Hello, this ring is made of sterling silver. If you adjust the size of the time, please use the tool tune, or it will break.

April 28, 2021
United States
Belt Women's Suit Coat Ring Long Metal Chain Decoration Cool Belt
Verified Purchase

belt isn't very good quality and breaks easily, everything else is pretty decent qual tho i guess, but not really worth the money and not really what i expected u could do cool stuff with it tho, iss kinda more of an diy ste to make ur belt than just opne belt an u can use it in manty different ways and combine it with other stuff which is cool, its just eyh, it literally broke after like 7 minutes of expirimentying with it, and the b=metal round thingys just pop out if u bend it to my=uch in a way, so yeh wouldnt really reccomend, but even tho it broke i'll still fine=d some use for it cuz of the many parts it has it has 3 chains sepereat and two of them are two chains in one and one is one big one that it has the bg ring thingy for the chains to clip onto and the belt itsself, which i'd guess is like maybe 16ocm loong or so but idk but iss pretty loong so thas y u can prolly do some cool stuff with it but idk im just rambeling at this point u can get better for cheaper at better quality thas teh review done

Seller Response January 19, 2021

I'm really embarrassed to let you down. I have reported this issue back to our production team, and we will update the materials in the future, focusing on the use of materials.

January 18, 2021
New Punk Gothic Rivet Webbing Skinny Skinny Leggings
Fitting: Too small Size: S Verified Purchase

Very small

Seller Response December 04, 2020

Hello, first of all sorry, these pants are slim fit. When we uploaded the product, we uploaded the size. If you buy again next time, if the size is not good enough, please contact us. These trousers are very popular both at home and abroad because of their quality and style. In terms of size, we will pay attention to it in the future, and we will give a tape measure to each customer in the future... thanks for your suggestions……

December 04, 2020
United States
Personalized Zipper Pleated Skirt Sexy Skirt Plaid Skirt
Fitting: Fits as expected Size: L Verified Purchase

Ok, let's start with the good things: I was afraid it was gonna be too small but it fits well. I would love it was a little bit bigger but is ok. Yes girls, it is gorgeous as it looks in the pictures. I'm very happy with the product. I choose size "L"and I have 75cm waist. If you're still not sure what size you need, waist size is the more important I could tell. Now bad things: the zipper is not the same that the one on the pictures. Is just a little details but I wish it was the one on the pictures. Also, I ordered through RebelsMarket on august the 15th and I even paid for express shipping. We ended up cancelling the order in November since it got stuck in the mail and never arrived. They shipped through a courier called "Yanwen"... there's no way to contact cust service, I don't trust these people. I ended up ordering through Amazon and the courier was "TraeloYa"... it took less than a month to arrive with standard service. WTH!?!?!

Seller Response November 21, 2020

Hello, I am glad you received this package (although we have refunded all your money). The products we choose are carefully selected, and the materials used are very elegant. Regarding the zipper problem, please take a picture and confirm it with us. Thank you. Best wishes

November 20, 2020
Guatemala, Guatemala City, Guatemala
Punk Leather Steampunk Plague Beak Mask
Verified Purchase

I received the item well in advance the estimated delivery time, which was pretty long actually, almost two months, probably due to the Covid-19 disruption of shipments and personnel activity. I do warn prospective buyers however that this mask is not make of real leather, it's faux leather, or PU (polyurethane) leather. I asked the seller to please do correct the item's description. I do appreciate the seller's prompt recognition of the inaccurate description and promise to correct it, I do hope they'll keep their word on this matter. If they will, my experience with them will turn out to be a really positive one overall.

Seller Response October 06, 2020

Dear: First of all,thanks, we have made changes. These masks are made of Pu leather, but they are all handmade. Before shipping, each product is screened, rinsed, and soft before packaging and shipping. So please rest assured. thanks Best wishes Vintagepunk

October 05, 2020