Warfire Forge was created in 2011after Brock, my son, convinced me that there was a market for some of the crazy things we did and people might actually buy them. I have been welding and fabricating for 30 years and have always been into sci fi and fantasy since I was a kid....when it definitely was not as cool. He had also been exposed to the same genres growing up and had a great interest in them. I had made some things over the years for he and his brother when they were growing up and I guess it stuck with him. When he went to college in the mid 2000's he met some smiths off campus and became interested in blacksmithing and working with metals. He has a real knack for it. After letting him talk me into investigating some Sci Fi Conventions (it didn't really take alot of convincing) I discovered he was right and that there may just be something to it. We have been very fortunate and have been involved with The Carolina Renaissance Festival, Dragon Con, Animazement, Connooga and several conventions in the past few years. We hope to continue to expand more, slowly, in the time to come. Between the two of us we try to cover a lot of territory. It is really enjoyable to work with him and create some of the things we do. The more we do the more we learn and hopefully this is shown in our work.We both enjoy seeing someone who is happy with an item that we have created and hope to continue to do so for many years to come. Thanks to everyone out there who supports us.


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