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Dark Forest Punk Zipper Chain Plaid Red Womens Crop Top
Fitting: Too small Size: M Color: Red Verified Purchase

Loved the shirt but it is at least 3 sizes too small. I am between a small and a medium so I ordered the medium and it doesn't begin to fit. I have asked to return this item but still haven't been able to do so.

Seller Response October 25, 2019

We are sending you instructions on return this order. Thank you

Customer Response 2019-10-25

There is no message for me to respond to?

October 24, 2019
United States
Darkforest Neck Choker O Ring Upper Body Harness Womens Accessories
Size: One Adjustable Size Verified Purchase

I love the harness since it is simple. Therefore, it matches with more different clothing, than a harness that is full of decorations. The harness is very adjustable, so I highly recommend it for many different sizes!

August 28, 2019
Darkforest Gothic Knuckle Spiral Ring Set Womens Accessories
Size: One Size Verified Purchase

I liked the simplicity of the rings. They're thin and lightweight. They took over a month to come though, so l though they had gotten lost. I absolutely love how they look on my hands.

May 25, 2019
United States
Dark Forest Punk Devil Pacman Hat Cap Accessories
Verified Purchase

So, before I get into the review of the hat, I do have a thing or two to say about the store the hat is from and RebelsMarket. Overall, the store this hat is from was fine. When a tracking number wasn't in my initial order, they rectified it in a couple days. But, when there were serious delays mainly in a facility that was a couple hours away from my home, they were quite stand-offish with their replies and just were not reassuring... Unlike the customer service for RebelsMarket as a whole. I got a hold of a someone who was really nice and patient with me and was willing to explain what was going on, keep me updated, and assured me that things would be fixed if the delivery went wrong. So, I'd personally rate this store 3/5 stars and RebelsMarket Customer Service 5/5 stars. Now for the hat... I personally love it! It's cute and arrived as pictured. My only qualms I'd say were that one of the teeth kinda moves and that the clasp in the back unsnaps pretty easily. So, perhaps something to keep in mind. But, besides that, I am really happy with the product I got.

April 17, 2019
United States
Dark Forest Lace Up Ripped Shorts
Fitting: Fits as expected Size: S Verified Purchase

I like everything about this product. It actually fit better than expected. These shorts are form-fitting and very comfortable. The cords don’t dig into my sides. They are exactly as described and came as expected. They look amazing! I recommend them.

March 26, 2019
United States
Dark Forest Dragon Claw Titanium Stainless Steel Ring Jewelry Accesso
Size: 10 Verified Purchase

I've only received the ring a couple of weeks; if that, and it is turning a nickle color in the back. In about a month it will be totally pinkish??! Its unfortunate because I really like the look of them. PIC attached. Front is regular, the back is the change

March 23, 2019
WATERBURY, CT, United States
Darkforest Half Checkered Plaid Turtleneck T Shirt Womens Top
Fitting: Somewhat small Size: L Color: As Picture Verified Purchase

Fabric is nice but doesn't fit properly over boobs since it's so stretchy, you have to pull it down constantly or your belly shows

Seller Response March 18, 2019

Hello, this is a crop top, it is designed to be short. We can assist you in return to ensure your satisfaction. Please contact us.

Customer Response 2019-03-18

What I ordered is not a crop top, it's a turtle neck Tshirt. I made sure to measure myself before I ordered. It constantly rides up due to the fabric. Not changing my rating

March 17, 2019
United States
Dark Forest Back Skull Hollow Out Sweaters Long Sleeve Cardigans Womens Top
Fitting: Somewhat small Size: Asian 2 Xl Color: Black Verified Purchase

This is short on me, but I expect that somewhat with Asian sizes since I'm 5'11'. Ironically the sleeves are long enough. The material is SO comfy to wear. This item somehow got lost in the tracking. I received it about a month late. I contacted the seller and they did try to track it down. Overall I'm definitely happy with my purchase.

February 22, 2019
United States
Dark Forest Raven Skull Hair Tail Holder
Color: Black Verified Purchase

Not at all like the photo. The one I got was much smaller and a different material. The seller is now making it difficult for me to a refund. Buyer beware. It only shipped after I complained that it didn't seem to have shipped yet, after waiting a month.

January 21, 2019
Elastic Bra Harness

Elastic Bra Harness

$15.00 USD
Fitting: Too small Size: One Size Fits Most Verified Purchase

No directions or even a picture fo help understand how to put it on.

Customer Response 2019-01-03

I have tried to read 4 messages I have and tne website won't let me. Buying things with Rebels market is at best...a huge hassel and there is no customer service. Terrible website, low quality products.

January 03, 2019
United States
Punk Winter Warm Ring Embedded Beanie Hat
Color: Black,Black Verified Purchase

Wonderful style, very comfortable and it helps me when it’s very cold outside. Thank you it’s a wonderful product

December 24, 2018
Dark Forest Goth See Through Turtleneck Summer Women Long Blouse
Fitting: Fit as expected Verified Purchase

Like everything I have bought from this seller, it is perfect. So very happy with my purchase. Wore it to work the day after I received it! The whole office loved it.

December 18, 2018
Dark Forest Corset Accessories Faux Leather Women's '
Size: L Verified Purchase

The quality is fine, right for the price. The button hole was almost too small, but with use it will get bigger and be easier to fit the button through.

December 04, 2018
United States
Dark Forest Raven Skull Hair Tail Holder
Color: Antique Silver/Black Verified Purchase

Great and beautiful, the metal connecting to the tie is a bit fragile, but a gentle touch avoids that problem.

December 03, 2018
Dark Forest Lord Of Ring Glow In The Dark Ring Silver Gold Jewelry Ac
Size: 11 Color: Gold Verified Purchase

Awssooommmmmeeeeeee, its really cool, shine and good finish. Very detailed, on the darck it thoes not glow as much as I was expecting but I think is actually even cooler that way..

November 28, 2018
London, H9, United Kingdom
Bad Betsy Dovetail Coat
Fitting: Large Size: M Verified Purchase

First they shipped it to a wrong address across the country. then they sent me a item that was HUGE and not the right size i ordered. there is no waist line, maybe its the size they sent 97$ canadian for something i cant wear... i currently feel ripped off

Seller Response November 26, 2018

Hello, your post was rerouted due to canada post strike but it was delivered on time. Please email us so we can resolve this issue. We accept returns and exchanges. Sorry for the inconvenience

November 26, 2018
Dark Forest Faux Leather Hot Shorts Zip Black Womens
Size: L Verified Purchase

I just received this item 3 months after I purchased it. I have not tried it on yet but will soon. I am not happy with how long it took to get in the mail!

Seller Response November 21, 2018

Hello, the order date is October 2nd, so it about took a month to arrive, We have been experiencing delays but the problem is fixed. Please do not spread wrong information it is certainly not 3 months

November 20, 2018
United States
Dark Forest Black Overbust Waist Trainer Corset Lace Womens
Fitting: Fit as expected Size: L Verified Purchase

Was a little different than the pic

Seller Response November 15, 2018

Hello, thank you for your review, can you describe what was different to help out other customers who are considering the item? thx

November 15, 2018
United States
Dark Forest Mid Calf Tutu Skirt Black Mixed Womens
Fitting: Fit as expected Size: One Size Fits Most Color: Mixed Verified Purchase

I absolutely love it. It co-ordinates with lots of other strange and wonderful items I have. Love the colours.

November 14, 2018
04, Australia