Gothic Pendants

Highlight your alternative wardrobe in style with statement gothic pendants from RebelsMarket. With an endless collection of gothic pieces of jewelry in our store, you can never run out of ideas for your alternative outfit. When the occasion calls for it, stand out with these unique pendants that will have everyone peeping and asking for more information on where you sourced them from.

Gothic fashion has positively impacted the fashion industry with its bomb collections. The fashion is observed through the dark antiquated, mysterious, and homogeneous features in their garments and accessories. As a result, people who like dark and antiquated styles are more comfortable expressing themselves. And we believe it doesn't stop at clothes from RebelsMarket. Accessorize with this unique body decoration from our catalog. 

You can create a look that is unique on your own and bring the idea to life. Our rebellious accessories will give you a complete feeling of freedom because you can play around with the designs and create a look that best fits your profile. Achieve a distinct design of freshness dressed in men's gothic clothing to complete the look.

The good thing about the pendants we are offering is that you will get to look sophisticated with the affordable prices they come in, meaning you get to shop for more and fill your cart with as many products as possible. From men to women, there are a ton of choices for you in our shop to accessorize your desired style with gothic jewelry. We are about to spoil you with our authentic pieces that will storm your world. Wondering how you can enhance your look with these modish pieces? Read on for more inspiration.

Ways to enhance your outfit with gothic pendants

If you are searching for an accessory that you can accentuate your pastel goth clothing with, then you are in the right place. Buy a gothic letter pendant that comes with words engraved on them. Whether you want one with quotes or names to match your theme, you can get various options in our collection. 

Shop for a sterling silver pendant that comes with a cross design on it. Silver is highly likable in accessories because of their durability and how light they are in nature. Both genders can wear the jewelry as they are unisex and look good when paired with gothic clothing. Win people's eyes with these stunning pendants as your accessory that will leave them staring.

For the bold women who treasure their looks and never go a day without accessorizing, we got you covered with pendant chokers. Chokers are crafted to define one's neck, giving you an elongated neckline. Ladies, we also have you sorted as well with chokers to elevate your OOTD. Get the chokers at affordable prices and finish them off with an attire of your choice from our women's gothic outfits.

In our men's gothic pendant collections, we have day of the dead pendants that are made of bronze. You may wonder why bronze, but the remarkable fact about them, is that they are remarkable when it comes to resisting corrosion. The ornament is crafted with creepy human images made of skulls. Achieve your dark style with men's punk rock pants and a black t-shirt groomed with the pendant.

Are you looking for ways you can have a killer look as you make an appearance on any occasion? Worry not, we have gothic glitter pendant. Yes, the pendant is worth getting you an elegant look that you will be hoping for. Stand out with them as they have unique glitters that change color depending on your surroundings' lighting. We have the jewelry handmade with skillful designers that will have your goth dress outfit upgraded to a whole sophisticated level when accessorized with it.

Get your desirable finished look with a howling wolf pendant that is double layered with wolf and moon pattern designs. It has a protective chain made of nickel and lead enough to make your neck less sensitive. The necklace is unique, eye-catching, and will steal the show. For men, you can wear these pieces with a turtle neck t-shirt and jeans. Ladies, you can go for gothic leggings and an off-shoulder top to complete the look. 

Shop for a moonbat occult pendant that can be adjusted if need be. It's shaped in a NU moon and open bat wings design hence the name. The jewelry is unique and will give you a distinct look accessorized with a men's punk leather jacket and a white tee. It's the type of jewelry that you won't notice most people with because unique is rare.

Want to go bold with silver metal pendants? Get your style revamped with amazing options to create a classy look. From dark side pentagrams linked with a ball and chain to Tiberio dark side animal pendants, you can never miss out on one or more. Pair your outfit with platform boots for women, while men can also rock the pendant with a pair of sneakers to complete their shoe game.

RebelsMarket provides you with informative ideas on ways you can up your fashion game from zero to a hundred real quick. Get your hands on our vast collection of trinkets that will give you the ultimate look for the different occasions you want to attend. Be it formal or casual, you can get a statement jewel fit for the occasion. From cameos to gothic heart pendants, among many others, your options are never limited when shopping at RebelsMarket. Let the world define you through our accessories. Get 10% OFF your first order. Worldwide shipping is available.


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