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Women's Gothic Boots

Gothic boots for women are one of the staples of any gothic fashionista’s wardrobe. A woman must have at least one, and preferably several, pairs of gothic boots if she wants to stand out and be true to the traditional gothic aesthetic. At RebelsMarket we have dozens of the hottest women’s gothic boots on the market and all at great prices that can satisfy any budget.

What are Gothic Boots for Women?

Gothic boots for women are all about standing out and standing tall with high heels and platforms that will make you several inches taller. Goth boots should be leather, black or another very dark color, and have straps, buckles, zippers, grommets, spikes, studs and other metallic embellishments.

Women’s goth boots can be thigh high, knee high or ankle high; they just need to be high! Goth boots are feminine while also being super tough—even with a spiked four-inch heel. RebelsMarket has many styles of gothic boots to choose from in a lot of different goth styles whether you want to embrace steampunk fashion, biker, doc marten, platform boots, chunky or stiletto heel boots.

Thigh High Gothic Women’s Boots

RebelsMarket has many different thigh high goth boots for women. These boots are generally leather or leather-like material, feature laces all the way up, and a spiky heel. Some people refer to thigh high boots as dominatrix style boots or cosplay high heel boots. Thigh high boots can also be styled for other subcultures of goth such as steampunk boots.

Knee High Gothic Boots for Women

Gothic boots also come knee high and also feature leather-like materials, laces, straps, rivets, high heels, and other accessories. Knee high goth boots are very popular within all subcultures of goth. Gothic knee-high boots for steampunk and Victorian style goth boots are too hard to find styles that are available at RebelsMarket right now!

Platform knee-high boots are perfect for the goth woman who doesn’t want to walk on a super spikey high heel. Tuxedo or military style platform boots offer a chunky heel and raised toe so that you get the height and look of the heel, but you don’t have to stand on your tiptoes.

For the pastel goth style try a pair of knee-high goth Alice in Wonderland boots that are fun and flirty.

Mid-Calf Goth Boots

Mid-calf gothic boots go halfway between the ankle and the knee. Gothic boots that are calf height are usually biker boots or platform heel boots. RebelsMarket has a wide variety of affordable gothic boots for women that are calf height and great for any style or personality.

Mid-calf boots are also available at RebelsMarket in flat versions with just a bit of a heel. These goth boots styles can be androgynous with more of a traditional dark gothic style boot.

Gothic Ankle Boots for Women

Gothic ankle boots for women are—you guessed it! Ankle height. Women’s ankle boots are stylish, classy, and come in many different styles through RebelsMarket. Gothic ankle boots are known for their outrageous, out of the box style like reptile print with metal boots or super glittery platform boots.

Steampunk Boots for Women

Steampunk goth is one of the most popular and fun subcultures of gothic style. Steampunk style takes you back preindustrial revolution and imagines a world where steam power is the most significant energy source. Steampunk fashion mixes Victorian era fashion with metals, goggles, and gadgets to create a unique goth style. Steampunk boots can be any height, and steampunk boots for women typically feature at least a three-inch heel.

Platform Boots for Women

Goth platform boots are all about the chunky toe and heel and making you as tall as possible. Platform boots can be heavy but they are also stylish and one of the classic gothic boots that can be styled for any subculture of goth. Platform boots sit on top of one large platform heel that connects all the way to the toe with separation at the arch.

Gothic Harajuku Boots

Gothic Harajuku style take after the Japanese schoolgirl style that mixes punk, girly, and colorful styles. Harajuku boots are great for pastel goth or nu goth style. Harajuku shoes are generally platform heel and toe, but the heel and toe are not connected.

Gothic Boots with Lace

Gothic boots with lace are hugely popular because the style blends leather or faux leather with the soft and feminine lace textile. Lace gothic boots for women can be flirty, sexy, girly, and beautiful. Some gothic boots have more lace than others, but the soft gothic style of leather and lace is perfect for any goth chic from biker to the rocker.

Boots with Skulls and Bones

Skulls and bones are huge icons of the gothic fashion no matter what subculture you prefer. RebelsMarket offer unique and stylish women’s boots that feature printed skulls and bones, boot with bats, monster boots, and even Frankenstein. If you love The Nightmare Before Christmas, you can even wear Jack Skellington gothic boots.

Combat Style Gothic Boots for Women

Combat style boots have been popular since the 1960s but gothic combat boots are trending right now more than ever before. Gothic combat boots feature military style boots that are a bit flatter than other boots and feature ankle height design with lace-up from toe to tongue. Goth boots make this style unique with special prints like zebra print combat boots.

Where to Shop Women’s Gothic Boots?

The best place to shop online for women’s gothic boots is RebelsMarket. There is no bigger selection of handpicked boots from the best gothic stores anywhere else online. The best part is that RebelsMarket values diversity and has goth boots in all subgenres of goth so no matter what your personal style preference is you are guaranteed to find gothic boots for women at affordable prices and luxury quality.



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