Horror Costumes

Are you looking for the perfect attire to create a terrifying experience at your next Halloween party? It’s time to look into our collection of horror costumes today. RebelsMarket provides high-quality horror outfits and costumes inspired by the greatest minds in the alternative industry. From aliens and vampires to movie monsters and clowns, our Halloween collection and spooky accessories are sure to include something that will inspire shrieks of terror at your next event. Halloween is meant to be scary; you are supposed to scream, shiver, and nervously sweat your way through the night. RebelsMarket is here to help inspire your scary costume ideas with our vast and frightening selection of creepy attires.  

We feature designs that are horrifyingly unique, inspired by familiar faces from your nightmares, sleep terrors, and even hardcore music like rock, metal, and horrorcore. In our collection are recreated faces from horror movies in recent years, like Michael Myers, Disney characters, American horror stories, and the newest rendition of Pennywise the Clown. Whether you are an adult or a kid, we have scary costumes for everyone, some are classic nostalgic items like a wolfman or Frankenstein, and others are full of blood and gore that will chill any spectator to the bone. We have creepy pieces that will leave everyone around you in shivers and quakes! So, if you're looking to make this holiday the scariest, most terrifying night of the year, you've come to the right place because we have a wide range of garments alongside creepy jewelry to choose from. So hurry up and start shopping! 

Spooky women’s costumes to pull off a spicy Halloween look

What are some of the scariest costumes to shop for? Did you know that there are actually Halloween costumes that are pretty scary? If you love dressing in different spooky characters for Halloween, we are here to provide you with variety. We cater to your style with dark-themed cosplay outfits to bring out the alternative culture. Browse through our women’s collection for different designs to go for. 

We feature scary ghosts, pirates, Day of the Dead collection, clowns, and evil queens. Find in the horror selection doll outfits and dark monsters to adorn at the party. Whether you want to shop for a spooky bride or go for the scariest vampire costume, we can provide you with a wide range of all things scary. Match your vibe with our collection today. 

If you love dark-themed outfits, secure your alternative wardrobe with goth costumes in creepy skull images or prints. With all of the funny and pop-culturally relevant outfits to choose from, it's easy to forget that sometimes the best recipe for fun is to be a little scary. So if you are not afraid of contrasting darkness and beauty, you will find ideal pieces in our collection to wear as your everyday ensemble or during Halloween. 

You can shop for horror-themed witch clothing, like Salem, Wizard of Oz, or Morticia. The witch looks have flowy gowns in dreading skull designs that will add spark to your Halloween ensemble and give other witches a reason to stare. Apart from spooky witches, you can also find evil villain attires, like Harley Quinn in a fitting red and black onesie and creepy nuns in black dresses and horror LED headscarves.

What would it be like to have the ability to walk through walls and scare the pants off of random people? Sounds cool, right?! Get in touch with the paranormal by shopping for spooky ghost costumes. You'll feel like you've crossed over to the other side when you paint your face white and blacken your eyes. Ghost attires have advanced since the old bed-sheet days. Now you can be a Victorian ghost, pirate, evil bride, or even a zombie. You can choose to shop for black horror cosplay gowns and see-through veils or go for haunting white in flowing capes. Whatever phantom you choose to dress as, make sure to practice saying, "BOO!"

No one will have a bone to pick with you when you're dressed in our skeleton costumes. Ladies will love wearing the skeleton maxi dress with cutouts on the shoulders and printed skeleton bones because they get to experience what it's like to be sexy and spooky at the same time. Complete the look with face paint to whiten the skin and hollow out the eyes with dark eyeliner, topped off with black lipstick, and you'll be the most stylish skeleton at any spooky-themed party. You can choose to scare people or give them a lesson on anatomy! Make a creepy entry with our skeletons today.

Men’s horror staples to pull off a creepy look 

Be careful if you venture out into the cornfields. An evil scarecrow might be lurking in the shadows, and he doesn't care about scaring crows; he loves to scare people! It makes sense that some of the best horror movie costumes feature scarecrows with a haunting glare. Our collection of men’s horror attires houses scarecrow masks that will send chills down your spine and leave you scared to walk alone. We have a latex mask shrouded in a sack-style hood and attached in the back with hook-and-loop, so you can ensure that it stays on your head throughout the night while you chase after people.

There's just something about a clown's bright red nose, oversized shoes, and bright-colored suit that makes us cringe. Gone are the days where circus clowns made kids giggle at birthday parties; now they make adults run in fear! It wasn't until Hollywood ran with the concept and put these fears into vivid detail with killer clowns. We don't know about you, but we enjoy the new and scary take on these horror characters. So if you're in the mood to make lots of people tremble with dread, we recommend goofing around in clown costumes. We have various designs to look out for, like Pennywise, Giggles the clown, and the Joker.

Perhaps one of the most horrifying outfits on our list is a zombie costume. It's an eerie choice for people who like to dress like the living dead. You would require a prosthetic makeup application and fake blood alongside your Halloween ensemble, but that choice is up to you. If you want a look that will make people turn and run the other way when they see you coming, our wide collection will give you something to be scared about. Practice your best creepy walk in the mirror before you set out of the streets to hunt for your first meal! Trust us; it should be fun! 

Do you want to know the easiest way to make a person's blood run cold? Put on one of our monster costumes. You will terrorize the whole neighborhood when you're wearing one of these creepy creations. Monsters are an excellent option for people who want a scary look and prefer to be creepy to the core. You can look like a science experiment gone wrong with the Frankenstein outfit. Find a plus-size Frankenstein costume to wear and scare people away while having the time of your life. We have masks, like the bloody mouthless devil that will give you the freedom of still being frightening with a minimal amount of effort; slip it over your head, and you'll be ready to hear shrill shrieks. Pick out your favorite and let the terrorizing begin! 

Whether you plan to shop for a simple ghost look or a horrifying monster ensemble, update your Halloween cosplay costume with our vast array of spooky-filled attires. Men and women alike can choose to be scary; pick your match today and give people something to fear. Whether you attend a Halloween party, birthday, or festival, shop at RebelsMarket today for bloody and eye-dropping garments. Let us celebrate our love for the dark the alternative way! Shop now and enjoy 10% OFF your first purchase and worldwide shipping. Remember, stay spooky!


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