Kawaii Tops

People will stare; better make it worth their while with a cute kawaii top. The top you wear will leave an impression on the people you interact with. Say goodbye to the same old blouses you have been wearing and embrace the stylish pastel style that kawaii fashion has to offer. Affirm the simple things in life with our Japanese fashion tops that come in pastel colors, soft pink, blues, and purples.

Emerging from the 70s, kawaii fashion has gained popularity in the western world with beautiful clothes that connect us to our innocent childish roots. Nothing can stand in your way with this trendy style, marked with a simple, colorful hairdo with beautiful anime prints to cute kawaii bags

If you love creepy aesthetics in your clothes, we have Gurokawa, which brings the cute in your clothing. You can pair your Gurokawa inspired top with a staple from our horror outfits. If this is a bit too much for you, you can settle for our short-sleeved kawaii t-shirts that have the dark Yami kawaii aesthetics. Our Yami kawaii outfits come in anime graphics to give you a girly while wearing your cloth.

When you are heading out to dinner or turning up with your girls at the club, you need a top that will speak louder than your words. A cute pink kawaii crop top from our kawaii standard tops collection will do the magic. Shop for a crop top with Erokawa aesthetics, which are erotic and will appeal to your date and still manage to be a bomb look while clubbing. 

If the small girl in you prefers fairytale or fantasy pastel t-shirts, who is to say you can’t get it? Shop for a pony unicorn short-sleeved kawaii t-shirt to complete your fantasy clothing wardrobe. Short-sleeved t-shirts are ideal if you are looking for a top you can wear all year round. When the weather is warm, you can look for creative ways to wear your shirt. If you pick an oversized thigh-length t-shirt, you can wear it during summer and maintain a crisp look. 

You can wear your Kirby t-shirt over a plain long-sleeved shirt and complete the look with a Japanese kawaii jacket or a long-sleeved kawaii hoodie with bunny ears during the cold seasons. Our girl’s kawaii tops are made with fabrics that will keep you warm on cold days. Cotton being the popular fabric has insulating properties while, at the same time, can regulate moisture. 

Shop for kawaii tank tops, which are ideal to be worn for a casual occasion. You can pair your pokemon or Pikachu tank top with colorful kawaii trousers and sneakers for a beautiful kickass look. 

For office wear, consider a kawaii top with a collar. With options such as sweet tops with detachable brooches, sailor moon blouses, and plaid Harajuku pastel collar tops, you will definitely impress at work. Browse through our collection of kawaii skirts for a classic top and skirt look.

Don’t forget to spruce up your outfit with statement pieces. Take a look at our kawaii accessories for girls and pick an item or two to highlight your look. When it comes to Kawaii, nothing can stand in your way since it is all about happiness and finding positivity in your life. 

RebelsMarket, wants you to be happy in whatever way you choose to express yourself. If it’s fashion, we endeavor to make your shopping experience better with cutting-edge styles that meet your taste. Shop from our collection of kawaii clothing at affordable prices. Get 10% OFF your first purchase. Worldwide shipping available!


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