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Pastel Goth Clothing

Looking for cute pastel goth clothing online but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place! Classic gothic fashion is getting old, and your goth outfits may sometimes be too formal for everyday wear. Pastel gothic style revolutionized gothic style with “outrageous” pastel colors and is one of the most exciting trends in alternative fashion. Give your style a breath of fresh air by shopping our handpicked Pastel Goth Clothing lines today from the best gothic online stores.

What is Pastel Goth Fashion?

Traditional goth fashion may not be for everyone, it can sometimes be a bit too dark or maybe too formal for you for every-day wear, but if you have a flirty and fun side that absolutely loves adding colors and pastels into your everyday outfits, Pastel Goth may be the best way to break free of the hum-drum bore that is traditional fashion. Our pastel goth clothing and accessories are fit for everyday wear or even on days where you want to rock that extra badass outfit.

Pastel goth style should not be confused with a nu goth style which blends Japanese styles with goth and 1990’s grunge. Pastel goth is an aesthetic that became popular around 2010 and mixes pastel colors with the classic elements of dark goth.

How to Style Pastel Goth Clothing

Styling pastel goth clothing is all about adding in pastel color to your all-black traditional goth wardrobe. You should already have fishnet leggings, platforms shoes or studded boots, goth dresses, and lots of goth accessories like black lipstick and eyeliner, skulls, crosses, and bats.

To start adding in elements of pastel goth and brighten up your wardrobe with casual, fun, flirty clothing you will want to try coloring your hair pink, white, lavender or blue. If you cannot color your hair, or just don’t want to, wigs are a great way to add a fun, colorful pop to your hair.

When it comes to shoes you’re going to want to stick with your classic platforms and studded boots but you can also check out Harajuku style shoes. You can ditch the all-black boots too and choose glittery or unicorn themed gothic shoes.

When it comes to gothic dresses and the pastel goth look you’re going to want to choose feminine gothic babydoll dresses, pastel pullovers, and other dresses that are cute and adorable. Gothic corsets are also popular for this look, as well as your classic gothic band t-shirts or graphic tees.

When choosing gothic accessories for you pastel goth outfit look for bleeding fonts, eyeballs, bows, headbands, bats, skulls and crossbones, skulls wearing bows, unicorns, yin and yang, caskets, and pastel makeup. Your goth makeup should be contrasting your classic all-black lipstick and eyeliner with pastels. Try a pink or lavender lipstick!

Pastel goth clothing is mostly marketed towards women as the aesthetic mixes soft, feminine elements with the classic hard edge of dark goth. When you are shopping for pastel clothing ask yourself, “if this was black, would it be gothic?” if the answer is yes, you have pastel gothic clothing in your hand!

The Pastel Goth Lifestyle

The pastel gothic style is all about looking cute and adorable, but also gothic and edgy. Many pastel gothic style fashion icons also blog on Tumblr, and you can find a lot of inspiration when you are shopping online for pastel goth clothing for women.

Pastel goth is also about embracing individualism and confidence. Women who embrace the pastel goth lifestyle will have a lot of accessories and either dye their hair often or have many pastel wigs to choose from so they can change up their style fast.

When it comes to goth makeup, a pastel goth girl will look different almost every day. The signature makeup looks include eyebrows that are colored to match the hair, false eyelashes, pastel eyeshadows, matte black lipstick, and perfectly pale skin. Pastel goth style doesn’t involve tanning beds or spending longs days out on the beach.

Most women who dress in pastel goth clothing also follow other alternative lifestyle trends such as having tattoos and  piercings . Nose, lip, tongue, septum, bellybutton, and eyebrow piercings are all common for pastel goth women style. Tattoos can be anywhere on the body, but common places for women are arms, hands, chest, neck, shoulders, thighs, and back.

Men and Pastel Gothic Style

Although most of the pastel clothing is tailored to women, it is possible for men to embrace the pastel goth look as well with purple or pink hair, pastel shirts, spiked bracelets and chokers, and skulls and crossbones accessories. Men who embrace pastel gothic punk also wear their hair longer, don’t mind a bit of makeup and have a love for pink and other lighter colors.

Where to Get Deals on Pastel Gothic Clothing For Women

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You can create a whole new pastel gothic fashion wardrobe or add new life to your old outfits with different mix-and-match pieces including accessories. Horns, flower headdresses, playful body jewelry, inverted cross jewelry, spikes, and modern edgy accessories that are typically paired with a Victorian-inspired outfit, you can find them all accessorizing pastel goth outfits. You will find anything your Pastel Goth heart desires online with RebelsMarket at a steal of a deal. Shop today and get 10% off your first order.

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About Pastel Goth Fashion & How to Wear Pastel Goth Fashion

Pastel goth fashion is the most exciting thing in alternative fashion recently. It's also known as soft grunge. However, it should not be confused with nu goth style. Pastel goth revolutionized gothic style with "outrageous" pastel colors and crazy mix and match outfits.

It all started as a Tumblr trend back in 2010. It is reminiscent of the emo and scene styles that dominated Myspace and the Internet back in the early 2000s.

Pastel goth uses scary gothic elements such as bats, coffins, and skulls, and transforms it into something cute and adorable. If you are a beginner, we suggest you take your all black gothic wardrobe staples and start incorporating little pastel details into it.

The key element to pastel goth fashion is pastel colored hair. However, if you don’t want to or can't wear it every day, you can choose from our pastel wigs. Other than the hair, body mods such as piercings and colorful tattoos compliment the pastel goth clothes beautifully.

Some of the pastel goth clothing staples are pastel goth dresses, flowers, spiked boots, headbands, bats, and coffins. Creepy elements such as inverted crosses, pentagrams, 666 signs and sassy quotes can also be found on pastel goth tops and sweaters. Add a cute tutu or lace skirt, frilly socks or cute stockings and a pair of creepers, and you've nailed the pastel goth look!

As the new adaptation of gothic style, gothic no longer has to be dark and scary, but also fun and creative! What better way to express your uniqueness and push the boundaries of alternative fashion? With our pastel goth collection, it’s so easy to create a perfect outfit!

Shop our pastel goth clothes on a budget now, because there are no rules for you! Enjoy the large selection from our world's best pastel goth online stores.

Pastel Goth, also known as soft grunge or nu goth is a spinoff of traditional gothic culture. The pastel gothic fashion often times includes pastel hair colors whether dyed or accomplished with the use of playfully dyed extensions, 666 accessories, inverted crosses, skulls, and all things dark. They have an edge that is refined and could be explained as a fashion that walks the line between cute and badass. There is a tendency in the pastel goth fashion for vintage or Victorian elements to be a base that is expanded upon with soft pastel colors and hard-edged or badass accessories.

Pastel goth clothing is the art of pairing a fashion sense that’s known to be tough as nails with something a little softer. The juxtaposition between the two lends itself well to an artistic and extremely versatile fashion sense. The best part about pastel goth is that it can be done on a budget, discount pieces of traditional black gothic clothing can be paired well with numerous hair accessories, jewelry pieces, and pastel goth shoes, allowing anyone to evolve their personal style without having to break their budget.