Pin-up & Rockabilly ArtPrints

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About Pin-up & Rockabilly Art

Pin up & Rockabilly art has a rich history from the 1950s era. "Pin up girls" were often images of glamour or fashion models cut from magazines, or mass-produced postcards (often of burlesque dancers who had the postcards printed as advertisements). Many famous pin up girls were not real women at all, but depictions of what artists thought their audience would like to see in a woman, i.e cartoons. Some of the pictures would be quite risqué, although the models were usually clothed. On the other hand, Rockabilly is one of the oldest forms of rock 'n' roll, blending country & western music with rhythm & blues from the 50s and 60s. Rockabilly bands from all over the state performed for a growing audience of music fans. Acts such as Elvis Presley, Bud Deckleman, Eddie Bond, Reggie Young the Laneby Twins and Harmonica Frank Floyd were popular. It is therefore common to find women and rock n rollers on these pieces of art. Rebels Market has searched and found the best Pin up & Rockability Art works to showcase to you.