Renaissance Costumes

The conquerors always write history. Who knows what trouble the conquerors had to go to when writing about the rebirth, but it was both fascinating and mysterious, and you can get to be a part of it. Renaissance costumes from RebelsMarket showcases the enigmatic designs of a period of revival that you can wear this Halloween. 

Get to experience the resurgence of artistic expression and freedom of thought that had a powerful impact on society and can still be seen today. Enjoy the themed dressing, evocative designs, and vivid colors that will set you apart when attending a renaissance festival or a costume-themed party. Check out other unique Halloween costumes that have a feel of the endless possibilities that await you this season.

If you want apparel that will capture people's attention with authenticity and impeccable detail, then renaissance fair costumes are the way to go. Whether you are dressing for a Halloween party or trying to embrace a one-of-a-kind style that will set you apart, our selection of renaissance fashion will have you looking like you came straight out of 15th Century Europe. The scintillating cuts and high-quality finishing ensure that you have a comfortable and fabulous look. 

What is the renaissance? 

The renaissance was a period of history in Europe that saw the 'rebirth' of the economy, culture, politics, and art. Some of the greatest thinkers, artists, authors, and statesmen thrived in this era, creating a watershed moment for the earth, leading to modern civilization as we know it. The period that came before it, the dark ages, saw little progress in science, economy, and art. The new age was akin to people seeing the light and the fashion sense shows it; this is why it is still vibrant and is enjoyed to this day. Enjoy our collection of renaissance festival costumes for a piece of timeless dressing. Have a look at stories to chill your spine as you go back in time with an outfit from our catalog to ensure that your party will be as scary with a touch of sexy appeal during Halloween.

Change the game this All Hallow's Eve with designs that changed history. As you step out with your rebirth garments, stand out from the everyday skeleton outfits that have led to the birth of some of the top myths of the time. Whereas Freemasonry originated in the middle ages, it was firmly rooted in the Renaissance time. The Da Vinci code shows how much mysticism was introduced to the modern-day world from this period. You, too, can help spread the dark secrets under cover of fascinating designs this Halloween. 

Renaissance costume ideas to try out this year

It may interest you to know that way back then; they had laws on what both men and women could wear. Even beyond that, what people wore depended on whether they were rich or poor. The effect of this was of creating labels of class over people of different backgrounds. As time has passed, these labels have become more diverse and specific to the individual and the style. The variety, mixture of labels, and how fashion evolved back then allow one to create several unique outfits. 

Women's Renaissance costumes can be worn as an entire ensemble for the ladies to create a powerful look. What is essential to know is that the clothing is made with several layers of fabric. In the beginning, particularly in Italy, they made clothes with high round necklines covering their chest. Several of our pieces are designed in this manner, such as floor-length dresses with flair sleeves that still had a distinct medieval vibe to them. Rock our spooky Halloween dresses that would look even scarier when worn with renaissance accessories. 

Fashion always moves forward, and over time, the neckline of renaissance clothing for women began to drop and is more V-neck to show off the chest. Who says your Halloween has to be all about creepy outfits? Rock a black floor-length renaissance dress, pair it with horrific skull jewelry and dark makeup, and let the fun begin! Further along in history, sleeves and dresses became fuller, and the designs became more intricate. Are you thinking of rocking the perfect costume this Halloween? Let us entice you with our upper-class wear. Get from our collection a maiden's costume that is wide and full of color if you are the kind that likes to add some sparkle come October 31st. If you are more interested in a gown fit for royalty, then we have queen costumes in emerald green with a gothic vibe. Check out our Victorian costumes to get the whole experience of the aesthetic.

Our collection also has a variety when it comes to the fitting of the size. One such disguise is the plus-size renaissance costume, which adds a vibrancy that will contrast with the dark vibes of October 31st. There are also slimmer designs, but it is vital to keep in mind that, given the layering of the fabric, the clothes are rarely slim-fit, except when wearing tights. The range in size and designs make these pieces the best candidates when combining them with items from other genres. For instance, princess outfits allow you to wear items from the collection with garments like a ruffled gown, given their flair and antique design similarity. Another style worth mentioning is gothic costumes, renowned for their dark aesthetic and mysticism that would be perfect for Halloween. The reason for this is the aesthetic of goth is based around the same town period. Create a look that suits your needs without having to break the bank. No need to wait; go for it. 

For the gentlemen, there are equally diverse pieces to enjoy. Men's renaissance costumes are more straightforward than women's dresses but still have layers. Consider renaissance shirts for men from this period, with their ruffled design and comfortable feel, which allows you to be authentic with the least amount of effort as soon as you put it on. The design of these shirts is eerily similar to that of pirates. It seems that the pillaging bandits also had an exciting sense of style. Another design was where a bandana was tied around the waist or the midsection, creating such a spectacle. Make sure to thank us as you win your costume competition, as these threads were geared to look as accurate as possible. Keep the fun going with these outfits as you check out tips to enjoy Halloween as adults

At this point, you're probably wondering what the rest of the outfit would be. It's interesting because some would wear skirts but if that's too radical for you, don't worry, they wore pants of plenty. Get the lace-up pants that would be a knock-out detail that would make you look like you just walked out of the revival period. You may also realize that these revival pants have a loose feel to them and are similar to what was worn by pirates. If you'd rather be even viler than the men of this period, then going full bandit with pirate costumes is the way to go.  

Noblemen often wore a doublet over a shirt, but towards the end of history, the doublet went out of style and wore a more elaborate jacket over shirts. Our collection features resurgence jackets that come in impressive details, with ruffled colors, buttons in different patterns such as those worn by a pirate captain. A contrasting look to this that would add more splendor to your outfit would be knight costumes, given that it is more of a soldier's get-up. 

One might say the most striking feature is the vibrancy of the colors in these pieces; emerald, pearl white, and even ruby red. The culmination of all these elements makes these sexy renaissance costumes fit for royalty. Whether you are going to a Halloween party or a fair, these pieces will have you looking like the princess you are. Accompany these vintage royal gowns with equally majestic cosplay accessories to seal the deal for a jaw-dropping outfit. 

Our renaissance outfits are an excellent example of items geared to make you look like the real deal and still be comfortable. The lavish designs are sure to raise the profile of your look by a large margin. Be sure to check out what to know before going to a costume festival to get the best out of your get-up. 

Embrace the nobility in you with renaissance costumes that are sure to meet your alternative needs. Add to your cosplay ensemble by going through our exciting collection that caters to the complex needs of customers at an affordable price. Also, find in our collection nativity angel costumes if you are looking for more inspiration. Want to cast a spell and leave everyone trembling with fear? We have witch and wizard costumes ready to ship to your location. Shop with us today and get 10% OFF your first buy. Worldwide shipping is available! 


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