Men's Urban Outerwear

Experience high-quality men's urban outerwear from RebelsMarket, where we are all about modernizing your closet with new attires. We have a bomb collection of badass outerwear from hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, coats, cardigans, and best sweaters you can adorn. Get a touch of class with urban clothing that is in style. Urban fashion is based on individualism with influence from the city streets' dress code. It's mainly focused on youths finding their identity and utilizing the subcultures, and intersecting trendy styles.

Stand out with pieces selected from the best indie brand stores worldwide and express your style with stunning alternative outfits. Whether you are an indoor type of person or love adventures and outdoors, you can never miss finding urban hoodies that will come to the rescue. All you have to do is browse through our page and get yourself cloth worth your while from men's urban clothing

Stay in the fashion loop and get to see what's new with new designs. Clothes tend to change from time to time, with new designs being released in the fashion industry. Follow up and get the latest from our page as we are about to unleash a massive collection of trendy outerwear in the market that will leave you spoilt for choices. Our attires are bound to give you an edgy type of feeling that you will be looking forward to as you rock your hoodie or sweatshirt.

Trendy urban outerwear to shop for online

Urban hoodies & sweatshirts

Comfy loungewear is the new look that you can invest in for any season. If you want to style your attire with a retro tank top and pair it with sweatpants, who is to stop you? Rock any look and make a fashion statement every time you hit the streets. Gone are the days we had to dress in suits to fit in.

With many options to choose from, hoodies can give you a sleek outfit for a casual occasion. Whether you fancy PU hoodies or skull print hoodies, urban wear will give you a bad-boy look as you step out and impress. Don't miss out on trends while focusing on what you have in your wardrobe. Get your ideal wear today and paint the streets red with new designs.

Urban jackets

What's cooler than owning an urban jacket men's that's stylish and unique? Get yourself a statement piece to upgrade your outfit game. Shop for an urban denim jacket that you can add to your outfits. You can wear the jacket with denim jeans to match the denim-on-denim vibe.

Want a simple but classy type of outerwear you can enjoy wearing through the four seasons? Check out our leather jackets that come in different styles, if you want motorcycle or PU slim-fit types, you can pair them with cool boots for men and leather pants. Get that rocker street vibe on point with the jackets.

Are you looking for warm outerwear for winter? If so, consider shopping for a winter jacket that comes in designs like puffer and padded jackets suitable for such weather. The jackets are fashionable, and you will still manage to look stylish in them despite the cold. Remember to add a beanie.

It's classy how you can style a vintage jacket with any outfit without them looking out of touch. With these kinds of jackets, you will be going for the ultimate sophistication that's set to attract the attention of people around you. Rock your jacket with a vintage t-shirt and go on with your day or evening.

Urban cardigans and sweaters

Men, which one are you, a cardigan or sweater fan? If you are, we have many options you could choose from. Shop for round patchwork knitted sweaters that are crafted with great artistic designs on the arm that are eye-catching. Go for colors like black, navy blue, white, and green that will add color to the solid-colored or dark outfits you pair them with. Pair the sweater with men's alternative jeans for an easy-going casual day.

If you love oversized sweaters, we have many options you can choose from. Shop for your preferred clothing and style them with joggers. You can also shop for a crew neck sweater. Get a neat and smart look from our collection today.

Shop for a soft knit long cardigan that will give you an excellent look paired with a turtle neck tee. The cardigan's length is what makes it stand out and unique from any other styles you might have come across. If you are a fan of accessories, you can complete your style with a pendant or a bracelet.

Urban coats

Get your street coat and look in check with our high-fashion trendy clothes on sale, ranging from street-style trench coats to winter coats. You can rock your coats whenever the occasion calls for it because what we are offering is out-of-the-ordinary clothing. 

Shop for plaid coats you can wear in different ways, from throwing them over your shoulder to cinching them with a belt for a statement look. The coat can complement a neck scarf on a chilly morning to add an extra layer of warmth. If you are going for a formal function, consider wearing a vintage shirt layered with the coat. If you prefer a different type of coat, you can have irregular plaid coats with unique features.

Consider shopping for hooded street coats that come in different features, such as ribbon hooded trench coats. The unique coats are designed to add style to your outfit and also give you a distinct look that will remarkably be a big deal in fashion. You can incorporate a decent look with these coats paired with outfits from men's avant-garde clothing. Also, consider checking our hippie clothes for men collection.

You can shop for a single-breasted wind coat with one column button and a narrow overlap of fabric. Choose to wear the coat either buttoned or unbuttoned. Rock your coat with a white tee and mens dress ankle boots for a complete look.

Browse through the catalog we have for alternative outfits and styles you can embrace. Our attires range from crewneck sweatshirts, and faux fur jackets to rope accent zip-up cardigans, among many others. Shop with us and get 10% OFF your first purchase—worldwide shipping is available.


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