Women’s Victorian Clothing

Are you in the mood for some classic Victorian clothing for women and looking for the best place to buy unique outfits? RebelsMarket is the place to be! We carry an assortment of unique Victorian-era clothing with an alternative edge guaranteed to give you a different look when you step out. Our collection of Victorian clothing oozes elegance with a distinctive feature of what was worn during the Victorian period; vintage style fashion. If you are shopping for clothing with a different-from-the-rest twist, RebelsMarket never disappoints!

Fix your eyes on our variety of neo-Victorian style women’s clothing that will give you a rebellious look. Every lady deserves unique clothing that makes a statement. The Victorian attire has its roots originating from the British culture and developed in the United Kingdom throughout Queen Victoria’s reign. It’s no wonder that all we see is pure elegance with an extra edge. Even gothic clothing gets to have a piece of the style with its dark ruffled designs and layers of embroidery. We can’t get enough of Victorian fashion.

Every Victorian fashionista has a dress for every occasion. Even in the modern-day and age, it is still a theory we get to see. You might style a pair of alternative jeans for women and a t-shirt combo on the weekends, switch it up to a skirt and blouse for the office, then slip on a sexy dress for dinner. Our collection of Victorian ladies’ clothing will ensure you have an outfit for every occasion, whether you are rocking formal or casual wear. To make your shopping experience a piece of cake, you can use the following pointers to get the perfect fit for you.

Factors to consider when shopping for Victorian clothing

Design details to look out for on Victorian-inspired outfits

If you are a fan of details, then you would love the clothing we have to offer. With keen attention to the intricates of the fabrics and designs, you can afford to find your desired Victorian piece for your alternative wardrobe.

RebelsMarket has several prints that you can notice on your favorite clothing. We are talking about delicate, detailed embroidery, layers and layers of ruffles, lace finishings, and lace-up clothing. It is one thing to know the fabric, and another to focus on what is making the clothing unique. We have layers of ruffles that you can find in long Victorian-style skirts, intricate ruffles in the blouses and outerwear, and lace on the edgy dresses.

Are you a fan of prints? You can print details on most pieces of Victorian clothing if you are lucky enough. Prints form the pattern of the clothing, and we take pride in a variety of printed corsets, dresses, tops, vests, and bottom wear. You can order high-quality plus size corset dress from us.

Victorian-style clothing for women to shop for at RebelsMarket

We have a wide range of Victorian women’s clothing for sale to choose from Edwardian fashion to steampunk style. Dare to experiment on the pieces we have, from tops to tees and dresses to coats. Whether you are looking for winter clothes to keep you comfy during the cold days or a light lace blouse to rock during summer, you can find a piece or two of your taste at RebelsMarket.

If you are looking for dresses, we have a collection of Victorian-style dresses that you might like. Choose from pieces like an Edison dress, brocade summer dress, antique sheath dress, or a hooded medieval dress that you can accessorize with antique Victorian jewelry. Be it short or long, you can find your preference with us.

Having fun going through our different styles of corsets? You can find a comprehensive collection of Victorian-era corsets. We have styles like a Candelabra corset, ruffles steel-boned, satin waspie, printed corset top, and medieval women’s corset dresses. If you fancy a pair of antique shoes to finish off your look, you can get them on our vintage Victorian shoe collection.

You can also get several Victorian coat styles that will give you an elegant edge during winter. We feature pieces like a leather long dress coat, brocade lace tailcoat, and a Baronetess piece. Pair your preferred Victorian blouse with an embroidered skirt and throw on a long coat. You can add some accessories like a pair of fingerless leather gloves or a scarf to complete the look.

Our cheap collection of female Victorian clothing is worth trying out. If you are looking for a unique style to set you apart from the rest, you have come to the right place. At RebelsMarket, we cater to your fashion needs, whether you are a regular or plus size fit. Browse through our Victorian collection and find yourself a chic piece to rock on various occasions. Enjoy 10% OFF your first purchase when you shop today. Worldwide shipping is available.


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