Vintage Inspired Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is a great wardrobe essential for the retro lover. Quality designs with roses and stars at Rebelsmarket reflect a diehard vintage and retro personality with mystic subtle appeals. If you are looking for simple, symmetrical and edgy jewelry, the jewelry from the early 1900 offers a wide selection that is sure to match your personal taste. These are pieces that feature motifs such as peacocks, dragonfly and butterflies derived from nature. The Victorian era features stones that tend to be studded all over, and enamel works defined by wires. Get a unique piece to transform your outfit, and you will steal all the attention in any event you will attend.

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About Vintage Inspired Jewelry

Jewelry can turn a simple outfit into an elegant masterpiece. It is the key to a personalized style that defines who you are. The advancements in technology over the years have changed the materials as well as designs of jewelry. Women adorned themselves with precious jewelry in the past decades as means of flaunting their husband’s wealth. Vintage inspired jewelry is thus a catch, because of its attached meaning and the highly valued materials used in their production. Get that ‘out of this world’ look by opting for floral forms of the 40’s and 60’s. Dazzling faux gems draws attention to these pristine pieces that feature heavy gold-tone metal. These sparkling pieces are easy to find matching retro and vintage women outfits to pair with and can be worn to any event. 

Adorn your classic maxi dress with long Vintage and retro style earrings that complement your face shape, and the neckline of your maxi. Teardrops, beads and gem designs, all from Rebelsmarket tone up your appearance with a cocktail of colors. Don’t hesitate to be versatile with varying earring colors for a summery feel and a flirty Vintage and retro look. More importantly match your jewelry with the centre piece of your vintage and retro necklace. Opt for simplicity when it comes to this all-rounder look; well at least to play safe with the match. However, even with all the effort set to match, a revamped jewelry box is the key to pull off this look with utmost precision. Browse through our extensive selection and be chic, always.