Vintage & Retro Women’s Clothing

Besides being timeless, retro attires for women are a must-have in anybody's closet who appreciates class and timeless fashion. From sexy low-cut dresses to cute minis and vintage winter clothes like jackets and coats, you will feel the 50-60s Audrey Hepburn when you come out. Dress in style, and take fashion aback by rocking the late sixties clothing with confidence. These women’s retro clothing are tailored in flattering wiggle styles, classic swing skirts, fit and flare shapes, and come in various sizes to fit every unique figure. So enjoy our range of garments plus amazing deals on select items at RebelsMarket.

These retro outfits for women never go unnoticed, especially when paired with the right accessories. They are unique garments ideal for cocktail parties or any other event where elegance is the word of the day. Revamp your outfit by adding cool women’s vintage accessories with logos, patterns, and different shapes as seen in the eighties. Vintage clothing found on RebelsMarket comes in high-quality designs from exclusive alternative providers in the world. 

What clothes are considered vintage?

Vintage clothing is a garment that originates from a previous era. It encompasses mixing past designs with contemporary attires and creating ensembles of various styles and periods. Clothing is considered vintage if it was made between twenty years ago and a hundred years ago, reflecting the styles they represent. The garments may be a hundred years old but still ooze uniqueness and style, making them a force to reckon with. 

Our clothing may not be a hundred years old, but they represent the fashion essence of the previous era, making them retro. So if you are a classic lover who stays true to the 60s trend, your style is a click away. Find retro clothing for women in similar designs, patterns, and materials when you shop from our selection today. Make your wardrobe an antique shrine with the latest designs of vintage tops and tees, jeans, shoes, and accessories.

What is the difference between retro and vintage clothing? 

Have you ever found yourself asking what the difference between retro and vintage is? Many people find themselves mixing up the two terms, not knowing what the different concepts mean. Retro fashion describes something relatively new and borrowed from a past era. It is not original, but it is inspired to appear original. Since the style is an imitation of the past, it can be used more widely than vintage. Might you be looking for inspo on how to pull off a killer ensemble? Pick through our blog on retro styles for today to catch up on the latest trends.

On the other hand, vintage is original, dating from twenty to a hundred years, with a little wear and tear, making it unique. Also known as a classic or antique, it is an item that is regarded in its highest quality and ability to remain popular throughout decades and centuries. Our online store houses an extensive collection of throwback styles for ladies. You will treat yourself to gorgeous garments and get to wear a design that brings out your alternative edge. Our attires will make you feel classy and feminine with a confidence that is unmatched. Shop from our store today!

What retro clothes are in style?

A true fashionista loves a good vintage find, especially when they align with the latest trends. Shopping from our collection of throwback styles is not only good for your closet but also for the staples to come. Here are some of the clothes in style today.

Our retro dresses for ladies are the true definition of elegance. From minis, midis, to maxis, every garment is designed with uniqueness to suit every taste. Find designs such as flare, skater, pleated, ruffled, and frilled. We cater to all sizes, whether you are shopping for petite, regular, or plus-size dresses. Our throwback styles for females also showcase different detailing like embroidery, collared dresses, halter necks, and off-shoulders to give you a defined look when paired with a vintage corset. Find different prints from skulls to florals in the selection to adorn during cocktail parties and events.

Care for an old-style top? Shop for modish designs inspired by past styles, like Pugsley Addams tie-neck blouse, puffed sleeves, button-down top, and a two-tone polka dots top. Find ruffled blouses, high collars, embroidered, and stylish lace-ups to pair with a vintage-inspired skirt. If you are on the lookout for a new tank top for the summer weather, bring it back with different patterns, from wide and thin straps to fitting and baggy. The tanks are also printed in motifs like bands, skulls, and portraits. Shop for graphic retro t-shirts from our stores. Find joker prints, galaxies, ouija board, and wordings in fitting and baggy clothing that best suits your alternative taste.

If you haven’t explored our collection of retro jeans, what are you waiting for? Shop for exciting designs like high-waisted, flare, distressed, side slits, and many more. We have the attires in plain, denim, or printed, such as flower embroidery and checkered pants. Find women’s retro pants in patchwork patterns, black and white stripes, plaid, polka dots, and harem designs. We have zippers, buttoned, and lace-ups if you are looking for details in your pants. Leggings are not left out either! Shop for printed leggings in cherries, smiley faces, and skulls to pair with a women’s vest for a brightened-up look.

Don’t miss out on the latest trends when on the beach. Shop for vintage beach clothing in unique designs: polka dots, cherries, and skeletons. We offer two-piece bikini tops and bottoms as well as a one-piece swimsuit to flaunt by the seashores. From ruffles, mesh to backless patterns, experience our variety and diversity! If you are shopping for sexy bedroom undergarments, be sure to secure your collection with sexy intimates. From lace panties to mesh cover-ups and printed stockings, indulge in our various designs to turn up the heat. 

We are proud to offer stunning tops, t-shirts, accessories, shoes, and other different retro-inspired outfits and styles all in one place. Our collections are as vast as they are diverse because we source all of our products from alternative fashion retailers across the globe. This means that when you shop with us, you are buying the latest outfits and vintage costumes currently on the market. You won't get the styles in regular stores! 

Retro fashion is a huge subculture that can help us trace back our history. Make it worth the while by shopping for unique clothing and designs that never run out of style. Be a trendsetter in whatever garment you shop for, and catch the attention of many wherever you go. So shop today and enjoy 10% OFF your first buy. Don’t forget to bring out the best of past styles and make them modern!


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