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Aesthetic skirts

Aesthetic skirts are an ideal fashion statement today. They are getting away with the fact that they can be worn on literally any occasion; in school, events, chilling at home, even at work if you are daring enough. This is a stylish way of showcasing your fashion prowess, especially in school, which is the bedrock of aesthetic fashion. Aesthetic skirts come in various sizes and types, with the most widely known being the kawaii that made a grand entry in Japanese fashion. Are you looking for a skirt that best suits your personality? Do you want to up your wardrobe game? Or are you just trying something new? RebelsMarket has got you with the finest aesthetic fashion, whether your style is more of soft grunge, or a Harajuku vibe, or a pastel goth kind of fashion. We have the perfect fit for you, and before shop for your ideal skirt, here are a few pointers you need to consider:

What to look for when buying aesthetic skirts

(1). Body shape

It is important to consider your body shape and be aware of your measurements, such as hip and waist size, as it will be easier to get the skirt that fits perfectly on your body. 

If you have an hourglass shape,  show off your curves by going for an alternative skirt that is narrow at the waist. This can be a pencil or an A-line skirt, either way, it has to accentuate your figure. Long skirts can also do just fine with this body shape, so make sure you go for a high-waisted one that can look chic with a cute top and stilettos. For a petite body, look for shorter pencil skirts that can show your legs. Rock the skirt with unique women's boots and tanks for an extra vibe. For a plus-size, you can go for a midi skirt that is narrow on the waist, such as an A-line skirt. For a pear-shaped body, opt for a pleated skirt that rests on the waist, with a slight flare to glide over your lower half.

(2). Length

While preference for length differs from one person to another, go for a skirt that is ideal for your frame and shows the details of the skirt easily. Choose longer skirts for a more feminine edgy look that does not make you look shorter, such as A-lines. Spice up the look with a buttoned shirt and heels for work, and tees with stylish sunglasses for a weekend out. On the other hand, go for shorter skirts for a chic vibe showing off the legs such as pencil skirts. Finish the look with some white sneakers and a cute off-shoulder top.

(3). Material

Now that you are aware of  the ideal skirt for your body type, it is also important to know the best material to go for:

  • Cotton- This is the first option when looking for quality skirts. It traps moisture, keeping you dry during the summer days out, and winter when bracing the cold. It is considered the go-to fabric for skin that is irritable. It is also breathable to ensure comfort, hence a perfect pick for school and work.

  • Wool- Other than cotton, wool is also a preferable material to go for, with the ability to keep you dry during summer and warm on winter days. Wool can basically be worn throughout the year, and it is an excellent material to add to your wardrobe because it is breathable and absorbent. It can also withstand a few washes. Wool would be the best option, especially when going for a pencil skirt, to keep you dry and comfortable.

  • Mesh- A mesh skirt is the most breathable among the fabrics, and it can give you an extra edge over ordinary cotton. Mesh is also light in terms of weight, is perfect for summer, and can either be worn as a single material or with other materials such as cotton to add some chic to the outfit. Pair this with some trench boots and a sexy leather top for a night out. 

  • Leather- While this material is smooth on the skin, it may not be breathable during summer.  Go for skater skirts made of leather for a punk rock style, paired with a black top and boots.

  • Brocade- Brocade is the expensive version of cotton and wool, with fine detailing. The raised and dense pattern in brocade makes it appealing, therefore an elegant material for high-profile events, and adds some edge to your look.  

(4). Type

  • Skaters- A wide range of skirts come as skaters, and they are a must-have in your closet. Considering that they come in different materials and colors, they can serve more than one purpose. Go for a skater if you want to be comfortable to bring a school-girl kind of vibe to your outfit. Fit and flare skaters have a classic 50s style silhouette and are incredibly flattering on all body types. The short hemline and snug body create the illusion of long legs and a little waist. Wear your skater with thigh-high boots and cute hats for women, with edgy sunglasses for a classy look.

  • Plaid- Plaid skirts are comfortable, and you can bank on them anytime. They are available in different beautiful colors that can go with any look. The beauty of the skirt is revealed in the color, giving you the freedom to play with color coordination. Plaids are ideal for any outing or occasion and can go with any shoe or top.

  • Pencil skirt- The length of a pencil skirt is dependent on one’s preference. But what we all know about it, is that it gives shape to the body and helps enhance the figure. It is a perfect choice, especially for those who want to give the body shape they desire. 

  • Pleated- What makes pleated skirts so special is that they are ideal for all body shapes. The elegant pleats elongate the silhouette, and the waistband adds definition to the narrowest part.


With these tips, you can now get yourself one or two skirts to suit your style and preference. RebelsMarket has you covered when it comes to whichever type of skirts you plan on buying. You can shop for a wide variety of women's clothing at low prices. Don't be left out! Shop today to enjoy 10% OFF your first order.