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Bunny Costumes

Whether it is the bunny from Loony Tunes or the simple cartoon bunny that has grabbed your attention, we are sure you’ll look cute in any of these bunny costumes. Long ears of the bunny usually make them adorable, but you still can’t ignore the overall look that the bunnies create.

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Easter bunny costume:

Easter bunnies are not the same as the other bunnies, so if you haven’t tried the Easter Bunny Costume, you should probably try it this Easter. Easter bunnies are usually white, making them look even more beautiful than the other-colored bunnies. Some people prefer wearing a jacket or a bow, whereas others rely on the pink belly and ears in the costume only to represent the original bunny. You can choose any style that you like.  

Playboy bunny costume:

Not sure what it is? It is the strapless corset for women with bunny ears on the head. You’ll look super stunning in the playboy bunny costume and would be ready to play around. Imagine dressing up in the playboy bunny costume and spending the Halloween party with your friends. Yes, you have it right. You are going to have real fun.

Lola bunny costume:

Lola Bunny is another character that you are going to enjoy for sure. If you don’t know about her, then search for her first, and you’ll be tempted to be dressed like her instantly. Lola bunny costume needs you to follow her specific hairstyle too for creating the right Lola look with this costume. So, make sure you don’t ignore the hairstyle.  

Bugs bunny costume:

We had been talking about this Loony Tunes bunny. Grey color with a wicked look on the face makes it the character that we all love. You can both get a complete mask and dress combo to look like the bugs bunny. Or you might want to get some help from the makeup, grey suit, and a headband with the long ear. It would look a little less realistic but would work perfectly for a carnival dress-up.

Pink bunny costume:

Pink bunny looks cute from its name, isn’t it? So, imagine how cool it would look on you in real. Super amazing, we guess. You can buy the pink bunny costume, which consists of pink color with a white belly, or you can dress in a completely pink overall with pink bunny ears, and you’ll create the right look.   

Energizer bunny costume:

We are sure you remember the Energizer advertisement with a bunny in it. If you do, you’ll know how cool it looks and is different from the other bunny costumes that we already discussed. This energizer bunny costume has a specialty that you would find the energizer logo or other props to let others know that it is the Energizer bunny.

You need to choose your bunny costumes from the above-discussed option. Have a look at our collection of bunny costumes to finalize your dress for the party.

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