Dragon Costumes

Phew! Is it hot in here or what? This selection is all about dragon costumes, and if we know one thing about these mythical creatures, it’s that they love fire! With their coarse scales, big eyes, and powerful abilities, you can now be your favorite fire-breather this Halloween. Check out our wide selection of costumes for kids and adults and instantly look fierce at the party. These ensembles are part of our vast range of Halloween and cosplay collection for individuals or the whole family, so shop today!

These magical creatures are a symbol of power and courage. You have probably seen a lot of these creatures in movies and TV shows where they are not afraid to fight other beings, including humans. Their gigantic size is what makes them a scary fit for cosplay outfits. However, not all animals are enemies; some can be friends too, like ‘Puff the Magic Dragon.’ You can incorporate one of the fiercest medieval monster costumes this Halloween and rule the castle or neighborhood with a clawed fist!  

Whether you have read ‘The Hobbit’ and thought Smaug was the coolest creature you'd ever heard of, or your little one can't get enough of ‘How to Train Your Dragon,’ we have a fantastic selection for you. From die-hard fans of Game of Thrones to playing one too many games of ‘Dungeons and Dragons,’ this is the place to be. Find yourself an inflatable costume, a mascot, or go for a full outfit from our collection, which will cater to your Halloween needs. Explore our Halloween accessories, like masks and claws, for fun props to adorn with your outfit. We also have antique cosplay jewelry like the adjustable ring or eye patch; these are creepy Halloween accessories you can wear all year round. So get shopping today! 

Dragon costume ideas to inspire your Halloween wardrobe

Our collection has a variety of onesies, dresses, and Japanese-themed accessories to give you a dragon-themed look straight from the fantasy world! Release your inner fire with the following ideas:

Chinese dragons

It would be a good idea to team up with your friends if you want to carry the Chinese costume for a Halloween party or carnival. If you want to enjoy some Chinese-specific events, then wearing the ensemble would be a good way to have fun at the party or parade and live the Chinese tradition in style. The creature is a fictional character, but you can dress for cosplay or carnival. Animal Kigurumi can prove to be a perfect choice if you like a fantasy for Halloween.

Dragon wings and feet

Go for a different look this Halloween with wings. Choosing a wing garment would take you a step up in the medieval game, making you a fire-breather with the ability to fly. So whether you want to adorn the accessory as a stand-alone or attach it to your ensemble, find the perfect pair today. 

We told you the collection is never-ending, and the variety of options might confuse you even further. So, here we present another separate domain, dragon feet. This accessory does not require you to dress in a complete attire, but you’ll only have to buy the shoes, which would resemble the feet. It will be a lot of fun, even for the daily routine meet-ups, so dare to be crazy. You can scare your friends or amaze them depending on what you are going for. Isn’t it a great way to have fun?

Dragon slayer

Picture this; a black stallion galloping up the rocky side of the mountain. The mist gathers around the peak. But wait, is it mist or smoke? It doesn’t matter! A maiden in distress calls from an unseen cave. There can be no doubt: this warrior knight will prevail over the threatening fire lizard! If you are looking for a classic knight costume for yourself or your little one, we have the ultimate dragon slayer garment for the perfect storybook look! You can also venture into the wonder of the Japanese culture, where the mythical animal is a popular character with our ninja cosplay collection for ideal garments to slay the giant monster!

Kids’ collection for trick or treating

It’s good to let your little one’s imagination stretch every once in a while. Your kiddo doesn’t need to breathe fire to let their dragon persona loose! We have our boys’ costumes collection featuring fictional attires for a fun night on October 31st. Whether your little one wants to be the fantasy creature or a mighty dragon slayer, we can fulfill their dreams with our kids’ attires. We’ll even throw in a rider ensemble to make it more fun or have the fire-breathing serpent in our skeleton costumes for a spooky look! Browse through some of our suggestions to find the perfect outfit for this year's Halloween. 

Adult dragon costume

All the options that we have presented above would most likely be optimal for adults. With the different styles, designs, and colors of this giant monster, there are various options to shop for. We feature a women’s cosplay collection carrying dazzling dresses and empress garments to pull off a mystical theme. You should have a specific theme in mind, or you can choose one based on your favorite color or the overall outlook.

Check out our blog on essential tips for cosplay beginners to get useful insights on how to make a memorable impression on anyone you meet this Halloween. From sizes ranging from kids to adults, there's a whole range of dragon costumes for you to select, whether a scaly, dangerous, toothless, or adorable look. So will you be the fire-breathing creature that hoards gold, fights knights, and kidnaps princesses, or will you be the kind that saves the day and allies with other magical creatures to fight bad guys? Only you can decide. Shop at RebelsMarket today and get 10% OFF your first order, and enjoy worldwide shipping!


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