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Are you ready to blast off to space? Choosing an astronaut costume is a classic idea and a great choice for any Halloween-themed event that speaks of boldness. We’ve all seen the iconic images from space. Whether putting the first steps onto the surface of the moon like Neil Armstrong or reaching the edge of space like billionaire Jeff Bezos, the astronaut space suit is synonymous with bravery and bold exploration. They are a more practical choice and perfect for something that’s not too much out of the fantasy. So explore the wonders of outer space in style with our collection of Halloween cosplay costumes.

The choice of an astronaut outfit comes with important decisions: How are you going to play the part? What’s it going to be like in zero gravity?! We know it’s quite a task going into orbit, so we’ve accumulated some tips and advice to make sure you get your astronaut Halloween costume experience just right. We can’t guarantee to get you into outer space, but we can let you know all about the top-selling outfits and accessories for you to fulfill your galactic dreams. So take a look at our collection of accessories and props and choose a suitable look from our themed pieces. It’s going to be “one giant leap” towards a great Halloween!

Imagine what it is like to be Neil Armstrong for Halloween. You can be the first person to walk on the moon and disprove the childhood myth that the moon is made out of cheese! NASA astronauts have done tons of cool things since walking on the moon in 1969. They launched Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11, which were the first spacecraft to visit Jupiter and Saturn. They also invented the most-loved NASA spacecraft, the Hubble Telescope, which lets us view stars, planets, nebulae, and galaxies with accurate precision and clarity. 

Astronaut costumes are an ideal choice for Halloween. Besides being a hero in real life, they also kill it in the movies. You can borrow costume inspiration and catchy phrases that would be a hit at the party! Remember Tom Hanks in Apollo 13 muttering, "Houston, we have a problem," or Ben Affleck's and Bruce Willis' brilliant performances in Armageddon. If the movies Apollo 13 and Armageddon weren't enough to convince you that space exploration is all the rage, the movie Gravity made life outside really cool in 2013. So why not be a famous character this Halloween. Real astronaut suits can be expensive, luckily for you, we have low-budget costume ideas for you to try out. You can find space suits for men, women, and children at RebelsMarket.

Ladies can also kill in astronaut suits, so we’d be disappointed if the only options were bulky plus-size suits designed for guys. Fortunately, that’s not the case, as we have sexy space suits specifically for ladies! Check out these women’s costume options if you’re a lady who’s got her mind set on going to outer space. We’re sure they’ll be just the thing for an iconic blastoff! Spacewalk suits are great if you’re in the deep cold vacuum of space, but if you’re on a mission, you’d want to spend your downtime in something comfy while you’re safely inside the shuttle. Get yourself a jumpsuit costume that is tailored with a female cut, and you’ll be able to adapt to living in zero gravity with no trouble.

Whether you’d like a casual style for hanging out on the International Space Station or an adult suit that will protect you from the harsh environment of outer space, these men’s costumes will make you feel like Alan Shepard who has officially left the Earth’s atmosphere! A classic style that’s well suited for Halloween fun or any other kind of costume party, this collection cleverly combines both the famous heavy spacewalk suits and the more wearable Advanced Crew Escape Suits. They have authentic-looking flight badges meaning you’ll be able to convince everyone at the party that you’re a real space commander. Even if the suit alone isn’t convincing enough, you’re probably going to want to snag a space helmet and shoes, so you look ready to do a moonwalk. How cool would that be? Doing a moonwalk with the right outfit? 

Of course, children are also dying to go on an outer space adventure. We can’t blame them one bit! Exciting movies and cartoons make being an astronaut super cool, so we’re glad that the next generation still has their sights set on space. You can help foster their interests with our collection of kids’ astronaut suits. With styles for kids, toddlers, and even newborns, every member of your family is going to be ready for space! You can go for Toy Story costumes from the boy’s costumes to help them relive the thrill of the movie that made them love space. Girl’s costumes also feature Amelia the Aviator outfit that she can wear to the party. Buy astronaut gloves and a jacket to totally convince their friends that they are just from a trip from outer space.

In space, there have to be astronaut superheroes and villains, as seen in the classic Star Wars and Star Trek movies. Spice up your Halloween outfits with something off the ordinary, like superhero costumes featuring Spark, Guardians of the Galaxy, and other space warriors. It would be fun to form an alliance with your friends and fight aliens with stylish suits. Whether you are going for cadet uniforms or full robes, we have a collection you can explore. You can further twist things up with villain costumes, dressing up in unbeatable characters like Darth Vader and the Wrath of Khan that will cause people to leap. Be the villain at the party with our cool collection.

Of course, a life out of space is not complete without aliens and monsters to scare you still. The galaxy is filled with predators and aliens that will be your worst nightmare! If you explore the space deeper, you will find a collection worthy of scaring the creeps out of you, like the bloody predator with a horrifying look. We have other monster costumes you can grab, like googly-eyed alien masks and double-mouth ogres that you can not stare at twice. Find what will be spooky enough for Halloween with our wide collection. The galaxy just became scarier!

Explore the wonders of outer space this Halloween with our collection of astronaut and space costumes, from jumpsuits, full pieces, onesies to inflatables. Having the right suit is going to let you perform that important repair while on a spacewalk at the international station. Mission possible! Whatever you do, don’t forget the astronaut spacesuit! It is the most critical gear that is important for getting you in and out of the galaxy. You won’t need it to supply your oxygen, but it will look ethereal while you’re boogieing out on the dance floor. So if you want to be the next Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, or Jeff Bezos who got a chance to reach space, shop at RebelsMarket today and enjoy 10% OFF your first order. We also ship worldwide!


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