Est. 2012

Retro Dresses

RebelsMarket's retro dresses are as unique as you are. Flattering cuts of the 40s, 50s and 60s in regular and plus sizes never go out of style, but the modern prints and fabrics of these dresses ensure your taste is up-to-date.In summertime, go for a halter top or tube top dress in a bright color like pink or baby blue. A sailor-style dress in navy blue, white and red is another excellent choice. A more modern retro dress in cotton with a miniskirt is your best bet to stay cool. Vintage flower prints compliment every body type and add visual appeal to your ensemble.

When you're taking your retro dress to dinner, drinks or a party, your options are many. A deep V-cut bust spells sexy like nothing else. A straight skirt works for work events or any occasion that calls for restraint, while a circle skirt with layers of tulle is ideal for a date or a night out dancing. Look for a lace, silk or satin dress for added class.As for prints, your options are legion. Classic designs like flowers, cherries, plaid and polka dots are timeless, while modern reinventions include comic book prints, art prints and much more.


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