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Gothic Coats

Goths get cold too, so why would you sacrifice your personal style because the winter months have rolled around? There have been years when Goths throughout the world had to look disdainfully at their closet because the only available coats in their local malls were high-priced goose down coats that lend absolutely nothing to their gothic fashion sense. There was a time when the most basic of black puffy coat just had to do in a pinch. Fortunately, those days are long gone and we at RebelsMarket feel that everyone deserves to stay warm when winter hits, no matter how edgy their look, and we know how difficult it is to find gothic coats. That’s why we have done the hard work for you in finding the best goth coats, RebelsMarket scoured the globe to bring you the most fashion-forward gothic outerwear including gothic trench coats, gothic jackets for men and women, gothic boots, and more.

We carry gothic men’s coats, goth women’s coats, and even unisex gothic trench coats that will fit just about any subculture niche that you may find yourself a part of, all at affordable prices. All of which come with a certain edge that we know you’ll love. Whether it’s a Victorian inspired waist-coat, military jacket, or a traditional trench coat that you can spice up with spikes or custom patches. Every one of these gothic coats will have one thing in common, they all have a badass metal edge that will set you apart from the crowd, making it possible to avoid the boring local store’s winter apparel racks.


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Gothic Winter Coats

Gothic Coats are a boon to the world of Gothic Fashion, and they allow you to not only keep warm during the winter months but also to accessorize your overall look throughout the year with lighter coats that offer another platform for the creativity that gothic people tend to lend to their personal appearance. They are even a great option if you just want something a little bit different from your standard hum-drum options at a local store or mall.

RebelsMarket gothic coat selection features many different styles; there are gothic woolen coats, gothic army style coats, Victorian inspired vampire jackets, and much more. As a whole, the various styles of goth coats have one thing in common, and they’re shattering every social misconception that people had about keeping warm.

The most prevalent types of gothic coat styles are Victorian style coats with fur (or faux fur) lined hoods, lapels, and sleeves with high waists and even corset lacing up the back, along with a far more militant look that caters to the more grunge goth look. Buttons, zippers, lace, ruffles, and straps are all very typical accents that accompany any gothic coat. These little accents lend themselves well to not only keeping warm in the cold weather, but also acts as an accessory to any gothic outfit.

Some gothic coats may even follow down the vein of gaming or fantasy creatures. One such example is an Assassin’s themed gothic coat or jacket that has become all the rage. The cut of the gothic assassin’s coat is one that will lend well to movement and to keeping out the bitter cold weather.

Gothic coats lend themselves well to the playfulness and creativity of their owners; it isn’t unusual to see them dressed up with a few spikes on the shoulders or collars, or even a few thoughtfully placed iron-on patches here or there. The beauty of a somewhat limited color pallet is that the sky is the limit when it comes to accessorizing a winter-season gothic look.