Mascot Costumes

While everyone is busy spreading the fear this Halloween, go around spreading the cheer with mascot costumes. When you need to stand for something and be a symbol, then our collection of Halloween cosplay costumes has the power to transform you into what you seek to stand for. Do you want to be as brave as a lion? Or as cool as a snowman? Transform your trick or treating like never before with our mascot Halloween costumes from RebelsMarket.  

This All Hallow’s Eve, embrace your inner beast with these exciting designs and a comfortable fit. Whether you are a malevolent bulldog, or as charitable as the easter bunny, there will be no shortage of excitement once you put on these Halloween mascot costumes. Be creative and mix in these cuddly designs with spooky accessories so that you can frighten just about anyone by inviting them in, and showing off your horrific true colors. As you think about decorating for your Halloween party, you need to look the part and this attire allows you to do so in great detail.  

Do you know the real story behind mascots? 

Mascots are renowned for being good luck charms and can come as a human, an animal, or an object. They are also known for spreading cheer, raising the spirit, and increasing the morale of those around them. It is for this reason that they have featured heavily in places like schools, sports teams, the military as well as society. Do you want to be the embodiment of luck this Halloween, then animal costumes have all you need to be the luck you desire. However, before you go any further, it’s important to note that even evil beings carry their own form of luck. And over centuries, different cultures have had different forms of luck charms. In some cultures, these are referred to as juju, and they can either be good or bad. Bad juju can taint your soul and is dangerous. One person’s luck can be another’s curse, so be careful. As you spread the fear with spine-chilling stories this October our Halloween mascot costumes allow you to look thrilling and captivating. 

You’re probably wondering what it’s like to wear such a unique outfit and the overall experience. In spite of how they may look, these outfits are some of the comfiest attire that is easy to wear. The designs in them make them well suited for engaging in physical activities making them very mobile. You can walk, jump, run, scare or charm people as you trick or treat. Try out this spooky outfit come Halloween, and watch how you’ll scare people wherever you go. 

Mascot costumes that you should try out

Our collection has a wide range of mascot costumes for adults that allow you to have fun as grown-ups. October 31st is a time like no other to try new things as you enjoy Halloween as an adult. The good thing is that these costumes have no gender and are great for both men and women. So stand tall as an elephant, the largest animal on land, or soar the skies like an eagle as you mesmerize those you meet with the detail of the outfit. You could also decide to be a big cat, like a lion, or a scary shark, all of which are comfortable to wear and come with adjustments to make sure your experience is as pleasant as possible.

Mascots take their good luck charm to a whole new dimension by venturing into the realm of myth and fantasy. The magic that they give off manifests in different ways with the purest form being unicorns. These majestic animals have the body of a horse and a horn on the head, they happen to be one of the purest mythical beings around. Embrace the lore of unicorn costumes with the outfits within this collection and watch how your trick or treating will be transformed.

Farm animals happen to be some of the best lucky charms around and have been used as a way to raise team spirit and spread cheer all over. Few are more precious on the farm than the cow. Whether it’s the rampaging bull at a bull riding event or the grass-feeding cow that offers steak or milk, they happen to be the best at what they do. Spread the cheer as you milk the competition with our cow outfits. In case you’d like to herd and tend to these farm animals then go ahead and check out cowboy costumes with fascinating details. 

Other incredible animal outfits worth checking out including the bunny mascot costume. The Easter bunny doesn’t have to be around during Easter alone but can last during October as well. One of the natural enemies of bunnies is the dog. Dogs are known to hunt prey( that was before we domesticated them). Be a mischievous or a tenacious mutt as you sniff out all the treats this Halloween season with our outfits of dog mascots. The more you go down the rabbit hole, the more you come across more vicious beasts that can terrorize you including the king of the jungle, the lion. Channel your inner Mufasa from the Lion King with attire in this collection. If you are interested in a more vicious selection, then check out monster costumes for all your destructive needs. 

Make your wardrobe exciting by going through our cosplay collection. There’s no spookier way to dress this Halloween than with mascot costumes which totally change the game. Be spooky and stand out from the crowd by shopping at RebelsMarket for intricate and fascinating outfits. Happy Halloween! Shop today and get 10% OFF your first purchase.. 


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