Normcore Fashion

You may be asking yourself, “What even is normcore fashion?” It’s a fashion trend that started emerging a couple of years ago and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! To put it simply, it’s pretty much dressing like a cool dad from the 90s. The good news? Normcore fashion is super comfortable and perfect for walking around on active days, and can be dressed up or dressed down with the help of accessories and jewelry. The basics of normcore fashion include toned down, neutral colors, oversized fitting garments like boyfriend jeans, sport logos, white sneakers, and overall practical and effortless clothing. Normcore fashion is fairly androgynous, meaning that it has no particular gender. The entire idea of this trend is comfortable, easy style with a nostalgic 90s vibe. Shop the best trend fashion at RebelsMarket to stay on top of your game in a unique way.