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Steampunk Coats

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One of the most popular subcultures in the world, steampunk has captured the imagination of millions since it started out as a science fiction genre. Originally a lot of steampunk literature wasn’t even categorized as steampunk K.W Jeter coined the phrase in 1980. In steampunk cosplay and fashion, steampunk coats are often a must wear for both men and women. Steampunk fashion is basically a neo-sci-fi spin on Victorian-era fashion, so basic steampunk coat variations in pop culture include steampunk duster coats, tailcoats, military jackets, trench coats, and overcoats. Steampunk men’s and women’s coats have a distinct sharp military feel to them that beautifully complements both muscular and slender body structures. The classic Victorian outerwear staples are beautifully adorned with chains, buckles, and straps to create a distinct fantasy feel.

While in the earlier 20th century films generally depicted straight-up Victorian fashion in a mechanized Victorian era setting, animated movies and video games in modern times have contributed a lot more to steampunk fashion than novels and movies thanks to the artistic liberties that can be capitalized on during game design. As a result, steampunk cosplay and fashion have also incorporated the edginess and elaborate designs that have become the signature differentiator between Victoria-era and steampunk fashion.

How to Style Steampunk Coats

Steampunk coats have a lot of variation for both men and women. Rebelsmarket has a respectable collection of steampunk men’s and women’s coats to build your style on. Here are just a few of our recommendations on pulling off the perfect steampunk men’s style in the next party or cosplay event!

Steampunk Coat Style Recommendations For Men

In the steampunk subculture, these are some of the common and popular men’s steampunk fashion tropes that utilize a variety of Victorian-era staples-

Dorchester tailcoats are classy and suave steampunk coats that can complete the adventurer look just as easily as the aristocratic look. Steampunk Dorchester tail coats often have elaborate designs and a tighter fit than it’s Victorian counterpart and can be worn stylishly without the staple waistcoats for a more unorthodox desperado look.  

The classic tailcoat paired with matching steampunk trousers and vest creates the gentleman look that can be enhanced with dark round sunglasses or goggles. Wearing leather gloves enhances the steampunk look. This impeccable formal wear is comparatively easy to pull off due to its timeless style.

Opera coats are simply one of the coolest steampunk coat styles thanks to the semi overcoat-like effect. Pairing an opera coat with a pocket watch is a must since they exclusively have a pocket for holding a timepiece. Kneel length boots like hunting boots or a simple pair of Wellington boots should be paired with an opera coat along with pants for the final touch.

One of the most unique aspects of steampunk fashion that distinctively sets itself apart is short jackets are for both men and women. While leather jackets were definitely not the norm during Victorian-era England, steampunk often takes the liberty of dressing it’s tough as nails citizens in short jackets that come in both leather and cloth variations. Steampunk short jackets incorporate lots of buckles and straps in their design which makes them pair really well with trousers with fall fronts.

While Victorian-era London is often the most popular steampunk setting, its easy to forget that the American wild west period was also running parallel to the real world and is also a beloved steampunk setting. In the steampunk wild west, greatcoats are a must whether you are dressing as the weary sheriff or the high-class gambler. Great coats and duster coats often have cuffed sleeves and fancy lapel work with turned up collars to protect the wearer from the elements. Greatcoats can be easily paired with a simple shirts w/suspenders and trousers with goggles for the adventurer look or worn as an extra layer over a top coat.

If you want to go for the intellectual or artist steampunk look, you will need an intricately designed steampunk dress coat paired with matching trousers and shoes. Boots don’t go with this style at all, so try to complete the whole look with a nice pair of pointed formal shoes.

Steampunk frock coats are all about being dandy and posh. While the tailcoat and opera coat gives a versatile look, the frock coat provides a highly classy look akin to the modern day tuxedo. Instead of the bow tie, you will be needing a plain silk handkerchief to tuck over your shirt collar. Frock coats are usually worn with knickers instead of trousers, but there is no harm in pairing with one if knickers throw you off too much.

If you are gunning for the explorer or mercenary look, then a well-designed rivet coat is a must-have to complete your look. Rivet coats are lightweight with rivet patterns complemented with leather strips and intricate embroidery. Should be combined with fall-front trousers, boots and a cap. To finish off the men steampunk coat styling recommendations, we will end with the ever-popular trench coat. This evergreen variation of the standard overcoat is popular in so many genres and subcultures like noir and cyberpunk that it can be considered universal in all fictional and non-fictional cultures. Trench coats give a rugged feel due to their militaristic look by default, so try to pair it accordingly with a pair of military boots, leather gloves and steampunk military trousers for the defacto steampunk action man look.                     

Steampunk Coat Style Recommendations For Women

In the realm of steampunk, women have more choice than their real Victorian-era counterparts when it comes to choice and variation in coat design. Here are just a few of our recommendations on pulling off the perfect steampunk women’s style in the next party or cosplay event!  

Overcoats are not restricted to men only in the steampunk subculture. If you opt to choose one for an aristocratic look, you should wear an elaborate and ornate corset or over bust completed with a pair of fashionable trousers or long-skirt. Ankle-length boots are highly recommended with this particular steampunk coat style for women.

Another steampunk coat staple for the ladies, short jackets come in more cuts and designs for women than men in general. Steampunk short jackets for women come in both leather and cloth variations and are associated with the working-class woman look. This gives you the flexibility to change your look depending on what accessories you are choosing to pair with the jacket. Pair a steampunk short jacket with skinny trousers tucked in ankle length boots for the adventurer look or a fancy pair of engineering goggles and a skirt for the steampunk engineer look.

Tailcoats are another popular choice among ladies in the steampunk subculture to capture the aristocrat style.  Steampunk frock coats for women have a narrower waistline and usually incorporates oversized lapels and buckles around the sleeves and waist. One distinctive difference between men’s and women’s steampunk tailcoats is that the women’s version is usually open bust to accommodate the narrow waistline. You are free to pair them with skirts or trousers whichever you prefer as long as you are wearing a vest to complete the look.

Burgundy coats are the quintessential Victorian era and steampunk staple for the ladies. Simple yet versatile, burgundy coats can feel militaristic, aristocratic or intellectual depending on the color combination, edginess, and elaborateness of the design. Burgundy coats are usually accompanied with full-length steampunk dresses, but you can also opt in to wear one over a shirt and trousers or a shirt an skirt combination and accessorize yourself with whatever steampunk accessories you need to reflect your chosen style. A mini top-hat and a monocle can really throw in a playful librarian look with a burgundy coat.

Trench coats go just as well with a lot of women’s steampunk styles just like men’s steampunk styles. Women's trench coats come in open and closed variations with the closed ones often having slits like dresses for easier movement. They also often incorporate fur lining along with the collars and cuffs. With trench coats, choosing a stylish pair of boots is sort of mandatory as the boots are the most visible accessory after the coat itself.

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