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Women’s Lace-up Boots

There is nothing as satisfying as slipping into a pair of stylish boots and looking in the mirror. Women’s leather lace-up boots are a versatile and gorgeous pair that can turn a simple look into something chic. They are perfect for everyday dressing, and a good pair can be either dressed up or down. They can give any look, whether skinny jeans or leggings, a fashionable twist. The shoes never go out of style. It is a trend that we all adopted during summer. Now that the temperatures are dropping, we need to work on upgrading this look for our winter wardrobe. 

Finding the perfect pair that can be styled all year round is therefore essential. Faux leather shoes from RebelsMarket can get you to and from work while still looking stylish. Additionally, they also provide extra coverage for whatever season, from winter snow, all the way to spring. They come in a lot of sizes, shapes, and designs, and choosing one or even two pairs that differ from one another won’t be difficult.

Whether worn in leather or suede, brown or black,  vegan shoes pair well with a range of outfits. Their slim nature makes them the perfect go-to wear, especially when worn with straight leg trousers and a  casual chiffon blouse. Top this look off with a print handbag.

  • Want to take a hike? Although more casual wear, they are useful in hikes and long walks. When hiking, always ensure that your laces are tied in a close-fitting manner. Tying your laces in a floppy way makes your boots fit well and causes less strain on your feet.

  • For a pop of color, go for tall socks that will peak between your skinny pants and your vegan lace-up boots. This tip comes in handy, especially if you want to give them the attention they deserve. 

  • For a relaxed look, keep your shoelaces loosely tied- If you want a more fashionable look, avoid tying your laces too tightly.

What to Shop For.

(1). Military Boots

Inspired by footwear worn in the military, these are chunky and sturdy boots with laces at the front. They create a definitive look that adds a tough vibe to any outfit. The shoes not only add a rugged touch to your look but are also perfect for weekend outings and casual outfits. 
Go ahead and pair with heavy-duty fabrics like dark denim or a leather jacket. You can also pair with a belted denim dress or opt for a leather skirt-and-jacket duo. Try out fishnet stockings under your leather skirt. Remember to bundle up in a long parka fur coat.

(2). Biker Boots

For the perfect outfit, team the shoes up with a vintage style t-shirt and skinny black jeans. If you want to achieve a biker look, you can throw on a moto jacket. Try this look, and you'll be ready for a typical weekend look or a night out at the bar.  
For a more lady-like look, pair with an oversized cream sweater, a black tank top, and denim shorts. For casual parties and edgy street walks, you can also opt for a black bodycon dress and a black leather jacket.

(3). Work Boots

Who said that lace-up work boots for women are just for the construction site? Dress them down with a new pair of slim-fit dark blue jeans, a long-sleeved tee, and you will be set.
For a laid-back look, cuff your denim and accessorize with a statement necklace. For a smart-casual look, pair your black timberland shoes with dark denim and a mustard blazer. You can also wear them with chinos, a button-down shirt, and a knitted sweater.

(4). Thigh-High Lace-up Boots

Also known as over the knee boots, these pair extend above the knees to the mid-thigh.  They are made from several materials like silk, vinyl, latex, or polyester. 
The height of the heel varies, from chunky and pointed to platform soles. Layer with tights, skinny jeans, and leggings, and you'll be ready to head out. For warmth, pair with a simple tee and blazer. You can also opt for a short leather skirt and a ladies long winter coat.

(5). Motorcycle Boots

Chunky motorcycle boots, on the other hand, are generally heavier. Perfect for pairing with jeans and leggings, the casual shoe also features a thick sole. You can find them in different styles. For a weekend look, dress your pair in blue jeans, a simple tee, and a leather jacket.  If you are making plans for brunch, then remember to reach out for an oversized sweater and skinny black jeans. For a casual Friday at work, go for a crisp white button-down and dark wash denim.

(6). Wedge Boots

One piece of the material, mostly rubber, serves as both the heel and sole. The shoes' extra cushion makes them comfortable to walk in. They are also a great option if you want to boost your height. Their versatile nature makes them perfect for pairing with leggings, sundresses, rompers, jumpsuits, and even jeans. For an office look, pair them with elegant slacks.


Have you enjoyed learning about different types of lace-up boots and how to style them? Matching them to your outfit is something that makes you feel confident about yourself. If you need more inspiration on how to best pair your shoes, then Pinterest is a great starting point. Once you get several pairs from RebelsMarket, you can start experimenting on pairing them with different outfits.