Women’s Long Winter Coats

Who says you can’t look sexy in cold weather? With RebelsMarket’s collection of long winter coats for women, your stylishness will be elevated to another level. Take advantage of our affordable prices to get your hands on one-of-a-kind designs from imaginative creators whose aim is to make sure you look nothing but beautiful. Our collection of women’s alternative coats are here for you to keep the cold out and maintain your style. 

During the winter months, warmth is most important, which is why you must have with you a piece of reliable clothing that will keep you warm. Besides, looking good is a job that doesn’t have to stop because of the cold. Long coats, are garments with long sleeves that you wear over clothes when you go outdoors, making them ideal for the winter. Not only that, the creative input of talented designers has resulted in items of clothing that will never let you down. 

There are different styles incorporated in this collection to make sure that you get the one that speaks to you. A vintage coat for women is one such article that will never go out of style. Urban style has inspired some of these garments that have culminated in delightful urban coats for women. RebelsMarket prides itself on being a hub of innovative designs that steal the show wherever you go. The fine details featured in our long winter outerwear for ladies are geared to meet your alternative needs with streetwear flair. 

Another style worth mentioning is goth, as its dark aesthetics create an excellent contrast against the white snowy landscape of winter. So go ahead and check out our gothic winter coats for more ideal outerwear options. Our collection adds a dash of science fiction and master craftsmanship to create delightful pieces that include steampunk long coats. 

The question that comes to mind then is, which is the warmest winter coat? The season has inspired long jackets that are suitable for warmth, but like most things, there is a spectrum in which these pieces fit in. The spectrum features different aspects, including the fabric used in making the coat and the design. 

Puffer winter coats have to be at the peak of keeping you warm if you are interested in keeping the cold out. A blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex is used in making the garment to ensure maximum comfort and protection. Polyester is used to prevent moisture and wind from reaching the body. Cotton is used to insulate heat, meaning it prevents heat from escaping the body. The fabric that ties it all together is spandex, as it creates flexibility and enhances functionality while wearing the jacket. The materials allow for different lengths. We have long puffers that reach below the knee. Other options are hooded overcoats which are short in length, resembling a jacket. Add a pair of platform boots for a knock-out effect. 

Parkas are another acceptable option should you need to keep warm. These pieces have similar materials to puffers, with the distinction of puffers being thicker than the former. Parka coats are compact, and some are padded, making them comfortable to wear. Some attires are fur-lined to prevent one from losing heat in openings such as around the neck. Get a fur-lined parka today for maximum warmth and comfort. Pair this piece with urban jeans for women for a great look in the cold season. 

This collection also has lightweight options should you want to go for a more functional look. Lightweight pieces, also known as topcoats, are generally made with a single fabric apart from the clothing lining. Topcoats also give you greater freedom when it comes to styling. Enjoy our curation of light winter wear, and pair them with women’s heels for a chic outfit. 

Trench coats are an excellent example of a lightweight option. Leather is one such material and is very reliable and sturdy. Leather is tough and prevents the harsh elements from getting to you, making them suitable for the winter. Enjoy our black leather winter coat in different lengths, from knee-high to just below the waist. A perfect undergarment to go along with this piece is an alternative dress

You can enjoy a long winter coat made of cashmere, ensuring that you have class in your wardrobe. Wool is such excellent material, given that it is warm and is an ideal outfit for the cold months. Other long coats come in hooded options, while some are inspired by gothic designs, particularly those that feature a brocade. Other hooded options resemble shawls and appear in various colors such as black, brown, and grey. 

Long winter coats come in handy on rainy days, windy days, and when the frost hits. If you already have many of them in your closet, it is never too late to increase your assortment and add a touch of class and style. Invest in different styles that will come in handy and never go out of fashion, from parkas and pea classics that will serve you well in winter to a shell coat that you can layer over light cardigans. Shop today and get 10% Off your first order. We ship worldwide.


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