Wedge Shoes

Add a simple style and comfort to your alternative style with women’s wedges. If you are looking for a practical piece of footwear to be paired with just about anything, wedge shoes for women are your go-to staple. We style our women’s alternative shoes with a unique edge for all style enthusiasts all over the world. Why not experience our fashionable fits today and get yourself a pair of versatile wedges with every piece of clothing in your closet.

Whether you are a fan of peep-toes or closed women’s alternative boots, we have a collection of shoes that you will fancy and can’t wait to try out. Add a pair of heels to give you a sophisticated look aimed at providing stability and modern comfort. We know that getting a perfect pair for your style is a task, and we would want to give you nothing but the best of sexy wedges for women that will be part of your fashion staples.

So why wedges? They are a practical yet chic shoe option that gives your personal style a boost and height. Equipped with reliable support and a well-made sole, wedges are arguably one of the most comfortable types of footwear. What also makes them great is that you can pair them with virtually any outfit. So whether you are looking for a pair of summer wedges to rock with a boho-style festival outfit or going formal with wedge pumps to style a fitting skirt and a gothic top, these shoes can serve you some sophisticated yet simple looks.
RebelsMarket is a good choice when it comes to women’s footwear including sneakers, ankle-high, flat & platform boots.

Where to buy wedge shoes

Shop at RebelsMarket today and get your fashion needs met with edgy shoes. Partnering with various alternative brands across the globe, we are here to provide you with a collection that is somewhat ‘out of this world.’ From fetish knee-high boots to wedge heel boots, we offer variety and style, fit for various personalities. 

We source our products from several indie stores with an eye for uniqueness and quality. What’s more, our collection comes at affordable prices, enabling you to walk away with a pair or two of the perfect shoes. Be a part of the online marketplace by shopping for wedges that will leave you looking stylish like the it girl!

Experience the art of variety today and shop for cheap women’s wedges online that certainly add an extra edge to your outfit, regardless of a simple or bold look. Whether you are hoping to dress a casual look, like urban style jeans and tee combo, or an office skirt suit outfit with our classic wedges, we are happy to make your shopping experience worthwhile.

Wedge shoes you can find in our collection

Some people prefer platforms, some wedge heels, and others boots. RebelsMarket has an array of wedges that is suitable for different style classes, bringing in some variety. Here are some of the types we have available for you:

Boots- You can find leather boots in our collection of affordable pieces. These are shoes that have a sole in the form of a wedge, such that the piece acts as a sole and a heel. You can find our boots in different lengths and sizes. Among our pieces are ankle wedges, knee-highs, and also mid-calf boots. You can also find bold holograms that would be suitable when styled with a stylish skull dress for a concert-ish look. 

Platforms- If you are hoping to look sassy and have a taller appearance, shop for platform wedges. Rather than a flat surface under the ball of the foot, platforms offer an extra boost. Platforms are still in style and are a perfect fit for winter looks. You can layer a pleated skirt with a pull-neck sweater and throw on a puffer coat to complete the look. You can also find hologram platform wedges in our collection, suitable for a festival outfit. Take your look to new heights with our platforms. 

Sandals- Are you a fan of sandals and would like to shop for wedge sandals? We have a bunch of pieces you might add to your wardrobe. They are among the most comfortable in the wedges collection, suitable for any weather, especially summer. You can style your shoes with a swimsuit, covered with an alternative wrap skirt, ready for the beach and the scorching sun.

Whatever type of shoe you are hoping to purchase, we have a comprehensive collection you can browse through to get the ideal pair for any occasion.

What to wear wedges with for an alternative look

Style an edgy or basic alternative look effortlessly with wedge shoes. You can wear them on pretty much every occasion, from formal wear, costume party, to weddings. There is a pair out there for you to shop for! Here are some of the ways to wear wedges:

Skirts- Go for wedge sandals when styling the shoe with a skirt. It is also advisable to steer towards flower skater skirts, whether midi or maxi. Pair the sandals with a ruffle skirt topped off with a printed t-shirt for women for a basic but chic look.

Dresses- It comes down to your personal style, whether the dress would pair well with heels or boots. You can shop for wedge heels, perfect for a wedding look with a boho maxi dress and a stylish hat. If you prefer boots, complement a pair of printed wedges with a sundress for a casual summer look.

Leggings- If you are going for a day-out look with comfortable wear, leggings and wedges are a perfect combo. Incorporate wedge sneakers with gothic leggings and a crop top. The dark vibe is also fit for a night look, keeping you comfortable and casual. If you are into material other than genuine leather, why not go for patent leather wedges, that when styled with leather leggings, would bring out a rock kind of ensemble.

Shop at RebelsMarket for a fun pair of wedges with an alternative twist. Whether you are wearing a flirty dress or printed jeans, the right pair of wedges will elevate your ensemble. Browse through our variety of shoes and find your preferred pieces for a sassy look. When you shop with us for the first time, you get to enjoy 10% OFF your first purchase. Plus, we ship worldwide. Shop for a pair while they are still fresh from the stores!